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Darren Korb PAX East Interview

The WhatsItTech team was fortunate enough to go to PAX East 2018 this year. During our trip, I was able to lock down a few interviews with some brilliant people. One of them was Darren Korb, composer of the Supergiant Games Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Below you will find the written transcription of our interview. Continue reading Darren Korb PAX East Interview

Why I Love Video Game Music

Over the years, I have delved into various genres of music. Jazz and hip hop have become to staples in my daily music listening. This is a sharp contrast to the hard rock and metal days of high school where I could be found listening to Rage Against The Machine or Iron Maiden at any given time. Although I have looked into various genres of music, I find that the one that I go back to the most is video game music. Before I discuss my passion of video game music, let me delve a little bit into the video game music, hereby referred to as VGM, that I was surrounded by as a child.

Continue reading Why I Love Video Game Music