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How to Unlock your Verizon Pixel 2’s Bootloader (Yes, really!)

As somebody who has switched over to Android wanting to get the most out of my phone, I was rather disappointed after having figured out that Verizon wanted absolutely none of that on Google’s shiny new flagship phone, the Pixel 2. Thanks to an oversight by the very same phone carrier that disabled this option, you can unlock the bootloader on your phone right now. Continue reading How to Unlock your Verizon Pixel 2’s Bootloader (Yes, really!)

Well, It’s Here.

At long last, the Verizon iPhone has finally nestled its way into Verizon’s line of smartphones, and will be available to pre-order on February 3rd, 3AM EST for pre-existing Verizon Wireless customers. Check out the website at:


I shun those who believed it was nearly a myth of it’s time, and doubted its existence! While 98% of the non-believers were crazed AT&T and Android fans, here it is, ready to be swiped out of stores everywhere. I’ll be up at 2:30 AM EST, 30 minutes prior, to ensure the success of my iPhone 4 32GB, with Unlimited Data and Texting, and 700 minutes in voice! While I can’t simultaneously use voice and data at the same time, who would possibly want to browse the web and talk at the same time? Not I, that is unless I’m interrupted during Modern Combat 2 online.

10 Reasons Why the Verizon iPhone DOES Exist

The iPhone 4 may be the Duke Nukem: Forever of Verizon, but it hopefully won’t stop them from releasing it in January. After spending about 4 years of constantly reading up about the Verizon iPhone, I’ve summarized what seems extremely relevant to the Verizon iPhone 4 situation, and I’ve got 10 reasons why it exists in Cupertino as we speak.

  • Apple TV Firmware – iPhone4,1, iPhone 4,2, iPhone 4,3. (White iPhone 4 GSM, Black iPhone 4 GSM, ???)
  • Job offer from Qualcomm asking for development of new iPhone hardware
  • Apple ordered millions of CDMA chips, now known not to be for the iPad
  • The iPad has been released onto Verizon, AT&T contract between Apple is DONE, meaning Apple has the decision to use their devices on all carriers.
  • NY Times has insider confirming iPhone on Verizon DOES exist, and is being developed!
  • Rumor sparked that iPhone on VZW will arrive in January. If Apple DOES NOT release (or announce) it in January, all of those waiting for a Verizon iPhone will simply suggest it doesn’t exist and upgrade to Android phones instead (as will I).
  • If Apple confirms themselves to be at the January CES, we know what we’re in for. If they do not go to CES and have an unnamed event instead, we ALSO know what we’re in for.
  • Liquid Metal has been bought by Apple, and is supposedly the technology being used for the new backs on the Verizon iPhone to fix both the ‘death grip’ issue, as well as the cracked glass backings. Used in other Apple parts, as well.
  • Apple placed Verizon cell towers on the Apple campus, which may be a very strong sign they are testing Verizon iPhone’s in the area.
  • There was leftover code from a beta version of iOS4, which contained instant CDMA activation, primarily used to make the lives of phone testers easier.

Think we’re all just crazy fanatics, thinking we’re pulling this all out of the gutter? Well guess what? We’re not. This phone EXISTS, and is most likely being discussed and tested as you read this article. Proof won’t immediately come running out in front of you, unless you go drinking with Gray Powell. You have to search for it and piece it together in your mind. It all makes sense!

Back with the Verizon iPhone

WSJ has gotten me thinking about the Verizon iPhone once again, but in a little more depth than before. They were explaining the LTE networks that it may be using, which reminded me of the Verizon cell towers established a few months ago on the Apple device testing campus. This is a VERY important factor, because it’s one of the things we know is true, and could potentially mean a Verizon iPhone.

Another thing worth mentioning is the code found in both Apple TV and other iOS firmwares, which is an unconfirmed way of saying “look, that’s the Verizon iPhone, right THERE!”. Basically, the firmware consists of iPhone 4,1, iPhone 4,2 and iPhone 4,3. One is the current AT&T model, the other is presumably the White iPhone 4, but the third? It’s gotta be the Verizon iPhone, no?

The chips. Not the ones you dip, the ones you call with. Apple ordered MILLIONS of CDMA chips for use with CDMA networks, such as Sprint or Verizon. Although Sprint could be a possible choice, there is really no reason why Apple would choose a lower ranked carrier rather than the #1 carrier in the United States. These chips, though, COULD potentially be for another device Apple is planning to release. Maybe it’s their own breed of wireless hotspot, or maybe it’s just for a newer version of the iPad.

Although we’ll never know for sure if it’s coming out or not, I hope to see the CDMA iPhone at January’s CES. Which, if I come to the realization that it does exist, I will kindly step out of my workspace, and have a 1-minute, arm flailing celebration, complete with screaming and dancing. 🙂

BGR iOS Activation Code Comment

This small block of code means a lot, and I mean, a lot. As we can see here, there are 2 NEW model iPhones, and one other product labeled “iProd” (most presumably the iPad 2G). Although, why is “iPhone3,1” missing? That’s the most likely the 16GB AT&T. But why are there 2 more? One is probably the 32GB model, but what’s the other one? Maybe it’s just a 64GB model being released? Who knows. What leads me to believe that it’s NOT a 64GB iPhone and that it’s CDMA, is that this code, according to BGR, “has appeared every year consecutively before a MAJOR iPhone / device release”. A 64GB iPhone isn’t exactly a major release.

Another small detail in the code that I noticed, is that “iPhone3,3” has more code added to it than “iPhone3,2”. As a matter of fact, it looks as if it’s completely different that the code from the model iPhone before it. Maybe it is linking to CDMA activation instead of GSM activation? It doesn’t make sense to activate an iPhone on the same carrier using 2 different methods.

I had an amazing thought, on how this linked together PERFECTLY with another iPhone rumor, but I can’t quite remember it! When I’m excited about something I’m thinking of, it usually quickly runs out of my mind unless I write it down. Sorry about that, if it comes back I’ll quickly write it up.

Why Apple’s CDMA chips AREN’T for the 2G iPad

We all know of the constant rumors about the iPhone on Verizon, whether it be the Liquid Metal backing, CDMA code left over from iOS, “UnknownDevice” USB recognition, or most importantly, the millions of CDMA chips mysteriously ordered by Apple. All the rumors come together like a puzzle, making the rumors very plausible. For those thinking that the CDMA chips may be for a new iPad instead of a Verizon iPhone, it’s a good thought, but the wrong idea. Apple will most likely sell between 1-2 million iPhones within the first few weeks, and most likely around 5-6 million over the period of half a year, especially if it goes international. That’s around 7-8 million CDMA chips total, very close to the 10 million ordered. While the iPad used to sell every 3 seconds, those times have gone, and the popularity of the iPad has neutralized.

Meanwhile, approximately 34% of AT&T users are waiting to switch to Verizon to get the iPhone, and 1/3rd of Verizon users are waiting for the arrival of the Verizon iPhone. Also, as for the “UnknownDevice” rumor, I am a little bit unsure. In my opinion, it is 1 of 2 things; a Verizon iPhone, or a Verizon iPad. Why isn’t it the Apple iTV? Simple, the iPhone and iPad are plugged into a computer more frequently via USB than an iTV (which is plugged into a TV for most of it’s lifespan).

The thing REALLY pushing together the January iPhone is actually the Liquid Metal. Apple bought this company to ensure that Verizon iPhone users don’t complain of the antennagate “death grip” issue, because who want’s lower signal? One possible flaw to this idea is that they may just be using this to replace glass backings on future AT&T iPhones, but I’m going to stick with Verizon iPhone for now 🙂

You can take some of these ideas in to account, or you can push the rumors aside and deny the Verizon iPhone completely, with the intentions that the “UnknownDevice” is iTV, the CDMA chips and iOS activation coding is for the iPad, and the Liquid Metal is for AT&T iPhones. I don’t really care, because in my head, I see myself holding that Verizon iPhone on approximately January 28th, 2011.

iPhone may release on verizon after all?

Hmm. I’m confused… Apparently, despite the fact that the iPhone contract for AT&T will end on 2012, Verizon still does have a chance of getting it. This is for two reasons:

1. The contract may pertain only to the 2G, 3G, and 3GS models
2. A Verizon advertisement information was supposedly leaked, you guessed it, for the iPhone

So really, I am just confused out of my mind, and I really don’t know what to think at this point. I don’t want to create hype for myself, because if it doesn’t come out, I’ll be mad again. I can’t be mad at the iPhone, because it’s a damn iPhone! Right now, let’s leave it at this…

No comment.

Source: CrunchGear

iPhone ATT Extended to 2012, GIVE ME A BREAK

I’ve about had it with Apple and their bullsh*t, and I can’t take it anymore. I’ve given up with them completely! I’ve waited 3 straight years for the iPhone to come out on Verizon. Checking off the next 2 years, that makes it 5. Now, while AT&T whores the iPhone endlessly for years upon years, I’ll be stuck with Android OS using the HTC “Incredible” (more like crap-fest). I’ve been let down by Apple way too many times to count, starting with the iPod Touch not having a camera, to the 3G and 3GS being absolutely uncomparable (especially cosmetically), as well as the iPad being EXACTLY the same as an iPod Touch. Apple should get their heads out of their asses, and wake up and smell Cupertino. Apple doesn’t care what the people think, they only care about how much money is shoved in their face. Stop this insanity Apple. Set your minds straight, and give the people what they want. We don’t care about your phone unless we can actually USE it. Stop it, and stop it now.