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Kozmophone Turntable – Vintage never looked so good!

Vinyl is something that we are all huge fans of here at WhatsItTech. We all have our own turntables, and favorites that we love to spin. From Sting to Perturbator and Technics 1200’s to Sansui’s. We’ve spoke about our love of it at great length in the past! One thing we never really thought we’d see are changes to the ‘traditional’ turntable. Enter Kozmophone, a company shaking up a classic design with a modern spin. Continue reading Kozmophone Turntable – Vintage never looked so good!

Vinyl 101: The Types Of Tables

The vinyl record is getting its second wind in this ever-changing musical landscape. With Consequence of Sound stating that 2017 could be the year that vinyl becomes a billion dollar industry,  I’d like to inform you about some general vinyl maintenance tips and other nougats of information. These concepts explained through our Vinyl 101 series. First up is the turntable itself and the various types. Continue reading Vinyl 101: The Types Of Tables

Picking A Speaker Setup For Your Turntable

With more and more people getting into vinyl records, you should know what you’re getting into sound-wise. The turntable that you get end up getting has to be connected to a speaker system of some sort in order for you to hear the music. Turntable setups can be as simple as 2 speakers, or as grand as 7.1 Surround system; the wallet’s the limit! Before getting into examples and setups, you should that there are two different types of speakers: Passive and active. For the sake of being brief, a passive speaker is one that needs a separate amplifier to push it because it is weak volume-wise. An active speaker is a passive speaker with an amplifier designed within it. Both speakers have their pros and cons that I will go over as I discuss each of the setups. Continue reading Picking A Speaker Setup For Your Turntable

How To Align Your Tonearm

Knowing how to align your tone arm is critical when you’re listening to your vinyl records. If you have a modern Crosley or Jensen record player, you will not have to do this because your record player does not allow for you to adjust the arm. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, although will be addressed later in a future post. Turntables made by Audio Technica, Denon and Sony will usually have adjustable tone arms which, if not properly calibrated, may negatively affect your turntables performance. Continue reading How To Align Your Tonearm