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Aux and power cables are white and thin

1byone Magic Music Plasma Ball Review

The 1byone Magic Music Plasma Ball was a sent to be as a review unit from 1byone.

As always, the packaging for the products is efficient and simplistic. Inside the box I received was the 1byone Magic Music Plasma Ball and the necessary cables as well as a quick start guide. The cables provided were a simple aux cable and the USB cable to power it. Everything seems to be of a decent quality.

The layout of this speaker is really simple and intuitive. The back panel will the first panel that you interact with. The left hand side of the back panel has the 5V input jack which is actually just a standard micro USB cable that you would use for to charge your Android phone. The second port is the Aux in port allowing you to connect your laptop or iPod into the device directly as opposed to relying on Bluetooth. There is a TF card slot below, which means micro SD card for people such as myself who did not know what a TF card slot was, and the power switch. The on and off switch has three modes, off, on and M. Moving the switch to ON lets the plasma orb turn on and synchronize with the rhythm of the music that is being played, while moving the switch to M keeps the plasma ball on all the time.

Image 1

The front panel is the next point of interest and it has a couple features to offer the user as well. The Mode Switch Button changes the display of the plasma ball, and the following three buttons all control the music. From left to right, they are Play/Pause, Previous/Vol-, and Next/Vol+. If you hold the previous button, it will lower the volume, whereas if you tap it, it will change the track to the previous track. This same rule applies to the Next/ Vol+ button.

The moment I plugged it in and turned it on, I was greeted with a loud beep. After that, I was able to quickly synchronize my HTC One M8 just by scanning for available Bluetooth devices. I was greeted with yet another loud beep, and then I played the last track that I listened to on my phone. I heard some extraneous hum that took away from the music. I plugged this speaker into my wall socket so I know it has a proper ground. This was a huge drawback to the device since I was excited to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. I then plugged it into my phone via the aux cable after disconnecting from the Bluetooth and played the same song again. There was no hum this time and the only factor that changed for me was the Bluetooth.

Aux and power cables are white and thin
Aux and power cables are white and thin

While the track was playing, I began playing with the crystal/magic ball itself. When you touch the orb, assuming that it is on, the plasma lights inside begin to follow your finger as it moves. I find it really cool and a fun aesthetic feature. Using the mode button on the front panel let me change the severity of the lights and how frequently they oscillated and moved around. I tried playing some beat heavy music and the plasma lights did in fact synchronize with the music itself. Using the on board buttons to switch music was seamless and instantaneous. There seemed to be no lag between my clicking on the speaker buttons, and the song changing, a factor I found to be quite impressive. Music Quality was also pretty good. It was better than I initially thought it would be, but it is not obviously not going to reach audiophile quality for below $30 bucks. The bass was punchy, but the mid and highs left something to be desired.

It's tough to see capture the lights, but you can vaguely see them here
It’s tough to see capture the lights, but you can vaguely see them here. They can be seen by the orange ish-tints to the glass

The last thing to note regarding the speaker is its physical height. The speaker is literally the same height as a standard 16 fluid oz. water bottle. This fact initially surprised me when I first put it together.

Image 3
The bottle is taller, but this speaker packs a punch for the size!

One thing I do wish the speaker had was its own battery source. If 1byone was somehow able to implement a rechargeable battery into this unit, it would make it ten times as convenient to have. I was able to connect it to my Anker 10,000 mAh power bank, and it did in fact power on and run effortlessly, but I wish it was wire free. The speaker as a whole is great, and had the Bluetooth feature worked, it would have been a stellar speaker. There is a pretty high chance that I got a defective unit since I had a proper ground, but only another unit can tell as to whether my assumption is correct.


EDIT: It seems when I plug in my phone to the speaker via the auxiliary cable, it negatively affects my touch screen and makes it act on its own. I use a stock HTC ONE M8 on 5.0 and this also happened with my roommates iPhone 6. I can’t figure out why this is happening, but I do not think I will use this speaker via the aux port.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100


After my Audio Technica ATH-50’s, these were the next pair of, what I consider to be high quality headphones. I got these along with my roommate two years ago and they have been my main drivers ever since. I primarily used my Plantronics Gamecom 780 Gaming Headset before that as my main driver, and it was nice having a high quality pair of headphones for video calls and Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound, but I really wanted to listen to my music in 320 kbps and FLAC on the go. My roommate told me that he did a product review for a V-Moda before with their LP 1’s and after I tried them out, I was hooked on their look, audio fidelity, and comfort. We did some research on theCrossfade M-100’s and the LP-2’s and eventually we both decided on the M-100’s and we haven’t looked back ever since.


Packaging and Features

I don’t frequently go into depth about the packaging of a product, but these headphones were packed in really nicely. The box was very rugged and it has a nice button mechanism as well as a taut red ribbon that is meant to keep everything contained. After that, the headphones were inside the black clam shell case along with the other paraphernalia inside of it. The zipper on the clam shell case appears to be really solid and has not broke on me yet after 2 years of moderately heavy use. The clam shell case as a whole is extremely strong and I love the molding. I have had zero issues with it and I love how small the footprint of the case is. The belt clip on the side of it seems useful, but I seldom use it

Inside the case were the headphones, ¼ inch adapter, and their SpeakEasy Mic Cable as well as their SharePlay Cable. The SpeakEasy Cable is a standard 2 way 3.5mm (1/8 inch) cable that is a little under 5 feet long with one end being straight and the other a right angle. The SharePlay cable on the other hand is a much longer cable, almost 7 feet, and it lets the user share their music with a friend via the inline female 3.5mm jack. This is great for when my roommate and I want to listen to the same music, but don’t want to have two separate audio sources. The material on the inside of the case is a bright red material that is slightly fuzzy. It feels great, and is a nice added touch

Clam Shell case. Lots of goodness inside!

Build Quality

The headphones themselves felt very solid in my hands. For starters, the headphones can fold into a very compact shape, and you see this shape when you get it out of the case. I was a bit skeptical about this since the metal frame perceptively looks very weak, but it is still very solid to me. The next thing to note is that the headband is very strong. It is not the same as the M80’s which have extremely bendable headbands, but they still do stretch out quite a bit. The ear cups are made up of memory foam and I personally find them comfortable. It is worth noting they my ears do get hot under these headphones after excessive use (more than two or three hours), but they are otherwise a nice fit for me. The side of the headphones have what V-Moda calls ‘shields’. They are essentially custom metal plates that are screwed into the side of the headphones. If you order the M-100’s off of their website, they will give you an extra set of shield that can be customized on their website. As you can see, I got mine customized with the Rise Against band logo. These shields were super easy to install and they give you the hex key to do the change. In a minute flat, I had a pair of headphones that were one of a kind.Build Quality

The logo has slight wear, but it is barely noticeable


These are my roommates’ M-100’s, in much better condition

Sound Quality

Now to the meat and potatoes of this review; sound quality. The frequency response of these headphones ranges from 5-30,000Hz and the impedance is 32 Ohms. Since I have owned these headphones for years, I can only assume that they are properly burned in due to being heavily used. I used a couple songs as a reference point, my three being Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Take The Power Back by Rage Against The Machine, and Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. These three tracks were chosen due to their wide frequency range and their sound stage. After listening to all of these tracks, I have come to the conclusion that the M-100’s have great highs and lows, but the mids are lacking because they are being shadowed by the bass. The mids sound really distant, and therefore, appear to be less present than the bass. This was very apparent in Bohemian Rhapsody. I believe the sound quality is fantastic for this product, but I will admit I have no other reference for other headphones in this price range to properly and justly make that assumption.


There is no product that is without flaws, and the M-100’s are no exception. I have found a couple glaring issues regarding the M-100’s that I would like to point out. The first is SpeakEasy cable. The cable in itself is great, but I have noticed that the 3.5mm end is longer than the average cable. This may not seem to be a huge problem, but I was looking to get a replacement cable that wasn’t V-Moda’s and I was unable to find a suitable substitute due to the thinness of the cable as well as how long the 3.5mm end is. Another issue I noted with the SpeakEasy cable is that it frays easily. The cable is braided, but after many uses, it started to come undone and you start to see it all begin to fray. Lastly, the last glaring issue I have is with the headband slider. Probably a year into my owning the headphones, the slider for the left side of the headphones somehow managed to split apart for what seems to be half an inch. This is not a big inconvenience to me personally, but I felt it was worth noting.


These headphones are absolutely stellar for their price range and I fully recommend them to any and all users looking for headphones in a decent price range and great quality. I love the extra punchy bass of the headphones as well as the crisp highs in terms of sound quality. I have never seen a company like V-Moda that provides the user with so much case-candy either, which is always a plus in my book. The product overall is great and I want more people to learn about V-Moda and their great headphones.


Check out a link to the Crossfade M-100 here

CM Storm Quickfire XT Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Browns Review


This is technically my second mechanical keyboard, my first being a CM Storm Quickfire Pro with Cherry MX Browns. I say technically because this is my fathers, I traded my Quickfire Pro for his CM Storm QuickfireXT, also with Browns. There are very few changes between the keyboards, but I wanted to bring to light my thoughts on this keyboard. I bought the Quickfire Pro back in 2013 as a birthday present for myself because I wanted a reliable keyboard for college and gaming use. I was not well versed in mechanical keyboards at the time, so I looked for the quietest mechanical keyboard I could find. I decided on Browns after listening to sound samples, and bought this keyboard as a result of some research on Amazon and some forums. I eventually switched with my father because I felt this keyboard was quieter, and he wanted a slightly louder keyboard that had more weight to it. I have been using this keyboard for 5 months now.


This keyboard is low to the ground and has four rubber strips on the four corners of the keyboard. It hardly if ever slides on my desk and that is a great plus. I do like the kickstand legs from other keyboards, but I like the consistency and reliability of the rubber strips. I’ve seen other mechanical keyboards that have the firm’s logo tossed on it four or five times, but this keyboard only has it on the back and bottom, the latter of which no one will most likely see. The keyboard has no backlight, which I personally prefer due to the fact that I find LED distracting and unnecessary. The keys look nice, standard CM Storm font (which is a derivative of the font of the Nintendo GameCube, fun fact!), but the keys are laser etched.

Keyboard in all of its glory
Keyboard in all of its glory

A keycap can either be laser etched or laser engraved. Laser etched means that the character on the key on the key filled out. They stand out, but they are also wear away with moderate to heavy use. A laser engraved key is generally an outline of the character, but the key will never wear away. My Quickfire Pro never wore away in the 2 years of heavy use, and my XT hasn’t worn away yet, but I am sure it will in due time.

The keyboard itself is really relaxed looked and not flashy. The only “LED’s” on the keyboard are the three lights for Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Screen lock as well as the Windows Lock LED. Otherwise, the keyboard is completely bare, which I like. The cable that comes with the keyboard is braided, and it is quite nice to hold and use. I know it will not tangle up and that it is of a good quality.


This aspect is the most important part of the keyboard, the feel. As I stated before, my first keyboard was the Quickfire Pro with Cherry MX Browns, so I will be frequently comparing this keyboard to that. It is also worth noting that both keyboards are great, and they both serve the same purpose.

When I type a sentence on this keyboard, I find that it is a lot quieter than the Quickfire Pro. This may be due in part that the XT is thinner in build, so less reverberates within the keyboard, whereas there is more space inside the board the Quickfire Pro, so it is inherently louder. I will supply two sound samples below to present my point, and you can decide. I do not efficiently type at all, and cannot touch type yet, so I still bottom out on my keys all the time. There is only a 5% chance that I do not bottom out, and that is still not saying much. Because of this, I just click the keys at a force that I find comfortable without exerting myself. The Browns overall are definitely quiet keys in comparison to their Blue brethren. I have tried Blues, Blacks, Reds, and Clears once and I prefer the feel and bump of the Browns.

The keys are nice and clean. I barely feel the letters
The keys are nice and clean. I barely feel the letters

The keycap themselves are quite nice and I love the fact that they mimic the curve of my finger. The Quickfire Pro has the same keycap concept, and I just love it. I barely feel the laser etched keys on my fingers as I type, so you can rest assured that they will not interfere with the experience of the keyboard. The Spacebar has a really nice sound to it and I like that I can click it with my thumb effectively when I type.

This is a sound clip of my roommate typing on this keyboard followed by him clicking the backspace than the spacebar

Build Quality

This will be a much shorter section, but I felt it was worth mentioning nonetheless. The build quality is stellar. It is a very comfortable weight and everything feels extremely solid. I can tell they did not skimp out anywhere on this keyboard. Even the USB port on the back of the keyboard feels of good quality even after I unplugged the cable numerous times. The braided USB cable is also another great feature. It not only reassures me that I bought a premium product, but it also extends the life time of the USB cable.

Braided cable to prevent bends
Braided cable to prevent bends


This keyboard is great. It is quiet enough where I can use it without my roommates or my family hating me, but it still is loud enough for me to satisfyingly use. They keyboard is not fancy by any means, there are no fancy LED’s or RGB lights or even other profiles that are programmable. It is barebones mechanical keyboard with a couple extra features such as Windows Lock, MS delay for typing and gaming, and multimedia shortcuts when the user presses the function key and the respective “f” key, but otherwise it is scant. They offer other keyboards for a full LED keyboard such as the CM Storm TK with a full or the CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate. The XT does do what it has to do, and a damn good job at that, I recommend it for people that want a mechanical keyboard from a trusted company at a good price with no frills.

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard with Multitouch pad

The 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard  by 1byone was sent to me as a review so I will review as honestly as possible. This entire review is being typed with this keyboard on my HTC One M8 using the Android App Jotterpad

When I received the 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Multi Touchpad, I was very surprised initially by the box of the Bluetooth Keyboard. It was really clean, flat, and well packaged. Inside the box was just the keyboard with a small instructional pamphlet on how to connect the keyboard to your Windows machine or Linux or Android device. I was able to get this device up and running within a minute after I inserted the Triple A batteries needed. I do wish that the back panel for the keyboard where you insert the batteries was easy to remove, but it only took me an extra 30 seconds. Due to the keyboard’s stainless steel back plate, it feels a lot heavier and feels all that more durable.

The box it came in, simple and clean

Upon placing the keyboard on my desk, I realized how low the profile of the keyboard really is. It is slightly angled towards the user due to the battery compartment. I liked this because the keyboard is really thin, so the angle of the keyboard works well for the user. It is also worth noting that this keyboard also has a track pad with a two button click implemented into the keyboard. This is the first, and potentially only, keyboard I own that has a track pad embedded into it. It works surprisingly well once you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to make it a little faster.


I initially synced this keyboard to my laptop for day to day use, but quickly found that it would be better used on my phone for quick note taking in class and on my tablet for larger tasks during class as well. The fact this keyboard has a track pad in it makes it easier to use my tablet without the need of an external Bluetooth Mouse. The keyboard itself is very comfortable and I find it to be just as comfortable as the on-board keyboard on my Lenovo Y510P. The keyboard that I received with my Winbook 802 Windows Tablet was much too small for my fingers to efficiently type, but this keyboard is a happy medium comfort and efficiency.

Stainless Steel Back adds some nice weight

The keyboard is also very responsive and I like how the keys feel as if they do not bottom out forever. On old Dell keyboards and the older USB keyboards, the keys were large so you could feel them bottom out, but since the keys on this keyboard are flat, you don’t feel them bottom out as much. This is great for me because this resembles my laptop’s keyboard even more, making it easier for me to type. I was also able to successfully test the function keys on the keyboard as well. By holding the function key and pressing the corresponding ‘f’ key, I was able to open my email, pause, play, rewind my music and increase and decrease the volume of my phone. I found these functions to be very helpful in operating my phone when I didn’t want to physically click the buttons on my phone and if I wanted to quickly check my email or go to the desktop of my phone.

I do have a two, although very minor, issues with the keyboard though, the first being that it is not rechargeable. Now, I have not fully drained the battery on this keyboard yet, and I have used it for two-three days pretty consistently, but I do wish it implemented a rechargeable battery cell so that I could charge it over night or with a power bank and not have to worry about buying batteries. The second is that the letters looks very cheap on the keyboard. I dislike the fact that I can see the black outline around the keys. If you click on the image to your right, you can see the outline on the C and F key quite well. It is very minor, but I think it is meant to be there so that the keys do not fade away.

Dark outline of the keys is quite visible here.

Besides that issue, the keyboard is an absolute $23 price tag it is sold for. I currently use a CM Storm Quickfire Pro Mechanical Keyboard with my laptop, so I am much more accustom to mechanical switches than I am membrane, but if I ever have to use my tablet or phone outside to write our paragraphs or for note taking, I am definitely tossing this into my bag.

If you would like to view more of their products, check out their website at this link. You can buy this product off their website here or their Amazon page here

1byone Portable Tablet and Phone Stand

The 1byone Multi-angle Portable Stand was sent to be as a product review by 1byone so I will be as honest as possible for the sake of the validity of the review. Prior to even hearing from the company, I had been interested in a phone/tablet stand for my Winbook 802 Windows Tablet. The case I have for it has a kickstand, but I sort of wanted something more portable and easier to take around with me. Plus, I felt the case is limiting in terms of the kick stand, but it came with a Bluetooth keyboard which I wanted so I was willing to forgo the less then desirable angles.

When I received the 1byone Multi-angle Portable Stand I was really surprised about the size of the stand, it’s really small. At first, I thought I was being hustled since the other stands I saw by other firms such as Anker, seemed a bit larger. The packaging was clean sleeve and then a cardboard box, followed by the stand itself inside of a Ziploc bag. As I lifted it out, I first noticed how heavy the stand was. It seemed like a solid pound.


There was no paperwork to speak of besides the stand, so I began to fiddle around with it since it is marketed as a foldable stand. Once I got the stand swiveling about, I really got to test out how the stand worked in its unfolded position. It worked well, but hardly optimal. Once I swiveled it and placed it on my desk, I found out the entire bottom end of the stand is rubber. This makes it grip the ground much more securely, and makes me feel much more comfortable about using this as a tablet and phone stand

Standard Wall Adapter in front of the stand

I placed my Winbook on there, which has no case to speak of, in the horizontal position and it worked great. There were no issues and it stood tall, proud, and most importantly, secure. I left it like that for a little bit and then I rotated it to the horizontal position so that I could test it like that as well. Just as expected, it worked fantastically.

Solid stand for my tablet
Sits flush in the stand

I also tested this with my HTC ONE M8 that has an Otterbox Commuter Case on it and it also fits fine. I was a little skeptical about it fitting since the case is on it and it adds to the size of the overall phone, but it stands well both vertically and horizontally. At the price point of a little over $10, this tablet stand works great. The fact that it has a full rubber bottom reassures me of its stability, unlike other products that come with rubber feet that fall off over heavy use. Plus, this product is small. You can easily toss this into your bag along with a small Bluetooth keyboard, and your tablet and use it all as a mini workstation. I would fully recommend this product to anyone who wants an efficient tablet stand that is at a great price! Here are two photos of the HTC ONE M8 on the stand.

The Swivel is pretty near and is continuously supports the phone


Kinivo BTH 240 Bluetooth Headset

I will admit that I own a couple headphones of various quality. I have earbuds, Plantronics Gamecom 780, Audio Technica ATH-50, and V-Moda M100 headphones, why should I get another? I bought this headset because I wanted something lightweight that I could use as Bluetooth headset to have hands-free conversations. In my dormitory last year, I had awful cellular reception and I had to stand near the window to get even 1 Bar. With a Bluetooth headset, I was able to leave the phone near the window, and continue my work effectively and easily.

Continue reading Kinivo BTH 240 Bluetooth Headset

Anker Power Bank Review (10,000 mAH model)

This is a review of my Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 Ultra Compact 10000mAh Power Bank. I got this for Christmas last year from a friend of mine and I have found it immensely useful. I was looking into these portable chargers after my Galaxy S3 was limping on its last leg. My battery was dying throughout the day and I found that it died in inconvenient moments. I was searching for a way to charge it portably (I already have two backup batteries), and saw that power banks were now becoming a popular thing to have. I’ve had good experience with Anker in the past, so I decided on that device and figured that 10,000 mAH would suffice for quite a couple charges, and put it in my Amazon wish list. My friend noted that I liked the powerbank and got it for me for Christmas.
My charger often gets mistaken for my phone!
My first thought when I got it was that this thing had some weight to it. I compared it to my S3 at the time, and it was larger than my S3! At first, I questioned whether I would use it, but quickly realized that it would be a fantastic help. The power bank comes with two USB ports to plug your devices in, and it can be charged with a standard Android charger. The pouch it came in is quite good, and I am able to store an extra charging cable in there so that I am never without one.
The device itself is a plain black brick has 4 LED’s on it that dictate how much battery the bank has left. Since this one is 10,000 mAH, each circle is roughly 2,500 mAH of power. When you plug your device into it, you press the center button and the device starts charging whatever is plugged into it. I’ve charged my Bluetooth headphones, my smart watch and my phone using it and have had no problems with any of it. It is worth noting that the charger weighs a good amount, 8.16 ounces, which is about half a pound. It took be a back, so I felt that it was worth noting. It can charge within 6 hours according to Anker if you use a 2 Amp adapter and the provided cable, but I tend to charge this power bank over night so I can’t vouch for that claim.  
The little pouch is really nice and it’s really effective in carrying the charger

The device is overall very solid and I fully recommend it to anyone. It has enough charge where I can go without charging it for a week or so and still have enough. My friends use it more than I do to be honest and they all find it to be a great help. I even bought my mother a smaller version of mine when she went to visit family in India and she said that it was the most useful there since she was out and about taking photos on her phone and it was able to keep her charged until she got home to charge the bank and her phone properly again.

Audio Technica ATH- M50 S Headphone Review

(Jump to the section that says “The Design” if you are not interested in the preface and competition sections)
Let me preface this review by stating that I use headphones for many purposes. I use them to listen to various musicians that range from Miles Davis to Rage Against the Machine and everything in between, so I required headphones that could make all of that music come to life. I also use these headphones while I play PC games and I really wanted to hear where things were coming from. For example, hearing a bullet whizz past me in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or here the police sirens and zombies in Saints Row: The Third. With all of that in mind, I wanted an upgrade from my previous headset which were the Sony MDR- XD200. They were, and still are fantastic headphones but I had few gripes with the large size of the headphone cup and the short length of the cable. I also wanted headphones that were more portable since I am a college student and move between my house and my dorm frequently.

The Competition
I did a lot of research in the headphone department and looked at a lot of my options. My Sony’s had an impedance output of 70 ohms and my father told me that headphone impedance should be closer to what my laptop outputs so that I can get an even sound. My laptop outputs about 35 ohms so I was aiming for something that was in between 30 ohms and 40 ohms. At the time, I was focused on headphones that were good for recording music through various mediums. I had a few in mind, those being the Sony MDR-V6, Audio Technica ATH M50-S and the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones. A little out my price range, but I also considered Beyerdynamic for a short while, but was put off by them when people said that they malfunctioned after two or so years, despite their amazing sound quality. I eventually settled on ATH due to the price I got bought it for at the time, ($110), and the reviews and comments people had about them.
The Design
The Logo on the headband

What I initially bought the headphones, the first thing I did was inspect the design. I could look at all of the pictures in the world of it, but nothing beats handling the product in person. In the past, I have purchased headsets that had very weak headbands so I inspected the headband first. It is very well padded and durable. I fully believe that I could pull both ear cups to either side and the headband won’t give in and snap. I checked out the ear cups next and they are possibly the most comfortable ear cups I have ever used. They fit so snugly around my ear, which I believe is a normal ear size, and it is padded even better than the headband is. They are extremely comfortable to wear and I have worn them for eight hours without taking them off.

The M50-S inside the Slappa HP-01 Case. A snug fit.
The cable is super long at ten feet, which is beneficial to me since I can walk around my room with my headphone while I fold laundry or listen to music from my bed. The cable can be easily tied up though, so it is not really a BIG hassle unless you really want a short headphone cable.  The headphones also come with a 1/4 adapter that can be screwed onto to the end of the 3.5 mm jack by just twisting it on. These are the first pair of headphones that I have owned that fold within themselves. It took me a few minutes to figure out how they fold, but once that was taken care of, they became very portable. I bought a Slappa HP-01 hardbody case for them so that I could safely transport them between my home and college and anywhere else I may travel. They fit very snugly, but you have to apply just a teeny tiny amount of pressure for it to all fit in. When you place the headphones inside the pouch, I recommend you tie up the cable since it will become a huge hindrance if you have to unpack them in an airplane for example and make a mess with the cable everywhere.
The headphones with ten foot cable tied up
Now for the important part, the sound test. I am currently watching a movie as I watch this review and let me say it sounds amazing. The lows and the bass stand out very well. They are punchy, but not so punchy that you feel overwhelmed with it all. The mids are very even and not out of balance and the highs are just right. When I first purchased these headphones, I listened to various songs to listen to how good the range was. I listened to “Take the Power Back” by Rage Against the Machine, which has very good display of mids, lows, and highs, and it sounded, dare I say– Perfect. Everything sounded amazing and so full. I then listened to some acoustic music to test out the mids and highs and they sounded beautiful as well. I have listened to full orchestral recordings, jazz, rock n roll, metal and a plethora of other genres and they all sound amazing and full. There are no open pockets of space where you feel it should be louder or softer, it is perfectly balanced, at least in my opinion.

When playing video games, everything sounds surreal. Bear in mind that these headphones have no microphone, so if you are the type to play multiplayer games where you feel you should be able to talk to your teammates or trash talk the enemy, try buying an external mic or a desktop mic if you want to use this headset. In games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can hear the bullets really well and kind of know where they are coming from in terms of directions. In stealth games like Velvet Assassin or Assassin’s Creed, you can hear the noises from either direction. The overall build quality of these headphones is fantastic, and the sound quality is even better. If you ever get the chance, buy these headphones, it is a purchase you will never regret.