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Facebook Sucks – It Used To Be About You

Facebook at the beginning of last year was closing on 2 billion users. There’s around 7 and a half billion people. That means almost 30% of the entire world has a Facebook account. Yet Facebook is expected to lose 2 million users that are under the age of 24 this year according to eMarketer. Why is that the case? Isn’t Facebook the platform for the young kids and not their old parents? It seems that is becoming further and further from the truth.  Continue reading Facebook Sucks – It Used To Be About You

6 Reasons Why Android Sucks.

UPDATE: I have a new post about why Android still kinda sucks, updated today, January 11, 2013. It’s not nearly as bias as this one, I’m not that foolish anymore hah.You can read it here:

Yeah, I may just be another Apple fanboy among the rest, but when I argue about something, I don’t just flame, I think straight and get my facts right. After having used an iPhone for a month now (and having 3 family members with Android-based OS phones), I loved my iPhone from day one, and still love it up until now. But, what really distinguishes the iPhone and iOS from Android-based phones? Well, that’s simple…

1. It’s All About the Apps.

The iPhone’s App Store contains hundreds of thousands of apps, free and paid. It might have even hit a million, I’m not quite sure, but they are of high quality, and get this: all compatible with the iPhone. Now, while Android may have a good amount of apps, it doesn’t mean all of them are compatible with your device. Here is a list of the phones compatible with Angry Birds:


You’re probably thinking that there are more Android-based phones than that, and there sure are. When you buy an iPhone 4, you’re 100% guaranteed that the phone WILL work with the phone, no lists, mods, or hacks required. Simply because there is only one version of iOS; no Vanilla or HTC kernel incompatibility. The only incompatibilities you’d have to worry about on the iPhone is retina-display ready apps, or apps that are just so damn old that they’ll crash on 4.2.6. So far, zero problems with any app on my iPhone 4, not one single crash so far, even on jailbroken apps.

2. Open source or Not Open Source? That is the question.

Yeah yeah, Android is open, iPhone isn’t. Big whoop, it’s better that way; we’re protected from malware and you’re not. We also have the advantage of no crap, low-quality applications flowing through App Store. While neither Android phones nor iPhones can access root, both are capable of doing so using 3rd party tools. The difference? One can brick, the other can’t. Take a guess which one can brick? Android would be the correct answer. As you’d probably have to be an idiot to brick your Android phone in the first place, it is 100% possible to do so, and is 100% irrecoverable if you flash over the recovery partition of the NAND flash memory; no recovery tool can ever help you there. Meanwhile, the iPhone, if somehow in a long mile, is “bricked” (100% impossible), you can access a built-in DFU mode to restore the iPhone to it’s original firmware, despite how much the OS has been contorted and removed. Yeah, if you flash the DFU partition you’re done, but the only way to do that is by doing it on purpose.

3. Flash?

Android has flash; too bad it’s been replaced by the cleaner, faster HTML-5 used on the iPhone 4. I can’t think of one website that I’d actually go to to implement Adobe Flash Player. Yeah there’s flash games, but who the hell would play flash games on a mobile phone, when you have App Store with games everywhere? I mean, an Android user might need flash because all the App Market games suck (I can name one good Android game: Angry Birds), but an iPhone user has a plentiful amount of games sitting right in front of them self, as do I. If an iPhone user REALLY needed flash, then just download SkyFire web browser, which supports all flash content, it’s not that big of a deal. There’s also iSwift, a brand new app in App Store which can play flash games. If someone is crazy about flash and absolutely NEEDS it, download Flash ported to iPhone then (titled Frash in Cydia). It doesn’t work in 4.2.6 simply because there’s no demand for it; Flash is dead!

4. Choose Wisely, Grasshopper.

Do you want the HTC Incredible, Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, Droid 2, HTC Evo 4G, etc. OR, do you want an iPhone? When you buy the current iPhone, there’s no choosing. You buy the iPhone 4 with the hardware specifications and build quality it has, and you be happy with it. When you buy an Android phone, you have to find one that isn’t made out of crap materials, it has to have a decent amount of processing power, and you have to choose between no keyboard or on-screen. Even if you we’re to buy a previous iPhone, there’s only 4 to choose from; there’s not much to go crazy about, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to choose. Phone’s don’t release sporadically throughout the year making you feel outdated, they only release once a year to keep up with your upgrades. While other phones might have dual-core processors and 4G as of right now (above the iPhone 4’s A4 1GHz processor), I’d rather be able to use my phone than charge it every 6 hours. iPhone competitors are trying to step ahead too quickly, which will cause the battery life to decrease dramatically, all on account of the fact that the technology of the current 4G and processing chips are all still power hungry.

5. When does YOUR update come out?

The Android updates are nice and all, but… why don’t the updates ever seem to be released at the same time as all the other ones? It took quite a while for the Verizon HTC Incredible to receive the 2.2 Froyo update, with other carriers getting it first and after. Some phones don’t even have 2.2 yet, they’re still stuck on older firmwares! As of currently, Gingerbread is released on one or two phones right now, but I really can’t comprehend why they can’t just get them all timed together and release them on all the phones all at the same time! There’s always the method of flashing homebrewed Gingerbread ROMs onto the phone, but then there’s always the risk of bricking, and it’s also not the official firmware, causing a good amount of bugs. With the iPhone, the update will always be compatible with your phone (with the exception of older iDevices), and they will ALWAYS be released on the same day throughout all devices; no stupid delays.

6. Sync your phone to…

As of right now, there’s still no PC/Mac based applications that can sync your applications, contacts, music, photos and videos. On day one of firmware 2.0 of the iPhone, this was all possible, so why does the Android still not have a syncing method? The only known way to “sync” your apps is through the internet, where you will have to literally re-download every single app you’ve previously had. There are PC/Mac apps, though, to sync your music, photos and videos, but why can’t they just make application syncing possible? I mean, sure, there might be methods through rooting, but that’s, first off, dangerous to the well-being of your Android phone, and secondly, you have to go out of your way just to sync your phone’s applications to the computer.

I’m sure there are more reasons, and I’ll write them down as I think about them. But as of right now, here’s 6 great reasons on why the Android OS based phones really just… suck!