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Interview with No Alarms

After seeing the EP posted on reddit, and being downright addicted to a genre of music that I hadn’t visited in years, I decided to reach out to Andrew from No Alarms to talk to him about how the band came to be, some of his inspiration, songwriting approach, and more. He’s an absolute gentleman and I want to take this time to thank him for getting back to me. Continue reading Interview with No Alarms


Dance With The Dead – Loved To Death

Hearing Dance with the Dead for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. I had been submerging myself in the synthwave genre and listened to artists like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Gost, Wavshaper and Com Truise. But, as a musician that loves metal , I always wanted some heavier guitars featuring some of that electronic music goodness. Hearing B Sides Volume 1 was glorious, and once the band announced teasers for the new album, I knew I was going to fall in love. August 14th, the album dropped, and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since. Continue reading Dance With The Dead – Loved To Death

Vox Vocis – Star Meissa Album Review

If anyone hasn’t done so already, check out the review of the ‘ debut album In The Arms of the Sun by Vox Vocis. That album completely blew me away and made me jealous because if I could somehow go back in time, that would be the album made. When I caught wind of the news that the band was recording their second album, I was extremely excited. I am happy to say that the band did not disappoint. This will be a breakdown of the entire album track by track . Continue reading Vox Vocis – Star Meissa Album Review

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Is Hip-Hop More Popular Than Rock – A Brief Commentary

Hip Hop has been the leading genre of popular music for the past couple years. There is no doubt about that. Recently, a lot of people have began to question whether hip-hop is more popular than rock. This post was inspired by a video posted by the YouTube channel Dead End Hip Hop. DEHH is comprised of four panelists that conduct album reviews on classic and current albums, discuss topics that revolve around hip hop artists and also take questions from fans. I’ve been watching their content for quite a while and have thoroughly enjoyed it. This video in particular discusses whether hip hop is more popular than rock. It immediately piqued my interest because I fell in love with rock and metal music far before I started appreciating and loving hip hop. This post is sort of a response to some of their comments, and bringing up some other points as to why hip hop is more popular than rock. I definitely recommend you watch the video they did first so that you can hear all of their points, they bring up some great ones.  Continue reading Is Hip-Hop More Popular Than Rock – A Brief Commentary