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Paper Void- Expanding their sound and sonic palette

Paper Void has been one of my personal favorite bands for 2 years now. I found them on the jazz subreddit when one of the band members posted their horn arrangement they had done on the subreddit. I loved the sound of the song and decided to listen to INCREMENTS in its entirety. It was truly a cathartic, transcendental experience hearing it for the first time. The lights were off, it was 1 am, and everything was still as the music washed over me. Fast forward two years later, and the band released an album that not only progressed their sound, but also fought off the sophomore slump that artists are inclined to fall in to. Transition is just that, a shift into a new sound. 

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My Favorite Albums of 2016

We lost a lot of great people in 2016, but we did gain a lot of great music. This year has been a great one for me musically since I delved into a wide variety of genres and styles that I normally didn’t listen to. I  got into a lot of hip hop, jazz, and furthered my interest in math rock so a lot of these albums will reflect that.  Continue reading My Favorite Albums of 2016