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Morti Viventear Interview

I would like to thank Morti Viventear first and foremost for accepting the interview request. This was conducted over email and done after the release of Sleep Deprived Pessimist: Nautilus Edition. If you haven’t heard it, check it out here and check out our review of it here! Without further ado, let’s begin!  Continue reading Morti Viventear Interview


Is BROCKHAMPTON Paving The Way For New Hip-Hop

Hip-hop groups have always been popular since the birth of the genre back in 1973. From Grnandmaster Flash And The Furious Five to NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, and Odd Future, groups have always created some very diverse music. Maybe it’s because of the variety of voices, or the addition of new creative idea, but I’ve always personally been interested in the content groups release. One of the most popular groups that has gained a lot of traction this year is BROCKHAMPTON, a self proclaimed boy band based in Los Angeles but primarily from Texas. And I think they’re the future of hip-hop Continue reading Is BROCKHAMPTON Paving The Way For New Hip-Hop


Morti Viventear – Lovecraftmanship Album Review

I find instrumental music to be one of my favorite genres. The artist is free to create intricate soundscapes without having to structure it around a vocalist. I first got introduced to instrumental hip-hop through DJ Shadow’s landmark album Endtroducing…... After that, I was shown Madlib and J-Dilla, two more pioneers in that genre. I had been on the hunt for artists that would blow me away in the same fashion that those guys did. Enter: Morti Viventear, a Montréal-based producer who created one of the most beautiful hip-hop instrumental albums I’ve heard in recent times. Time to go underwater with Morti’s album Lovecraftmanship! Continue reading Morti Viventear – Lovecraftmanship Album Review

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Is Hip-Hop More Popular Than Rock – A Brief Commentary

Hip Hop has been the leading genre of popular music for the past couple years. There is no doubt about that. Recently, a lot of people have began to question whether hip-hop is more popular than rock. This post was inspired by a video posted by the YouTube channel Dead End Hip Hop. DEHH is comprised of four panelists that conduct album reviews on classic and current albums, discuss topics that revolve around hip hop artists and also take questions from fans. I’ve been watching their content for quite a while and have thoroughly enjoyed it. This video in particular discusses whether hip hop is more popular than rock. It immediately piqued my interest because I fell in love with rock and metal music far before I started appreciating and loving hip hop. This post is sort of a response to some of their comments, and bringing up some other points as to why hip hop is more popular than rock. I definitely recommend you watch the video they did first so that you can hear all of their points, they bring up some great ones.  Continue reading Is Hip-Hop More Popular Than Rock – A Brief Commentary