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Top 5 PC Games of 2017

2017 was a surprisingly great for gaming on the PC. There were a bunch of great titles, some of which I didn’t even get a chance to try out. Thankfully, I was kept busy with the great titles below. Look forward to our post on top 5 Nintendo Switch titles in the upcoming week! Let’s dive in, shall we? Continue reading Top 5 PC Games of 2017

Dishonored – Death Of The Outsider Review

When Dishonored 2 was announced at E3, my world stopped. I had played Dishonored 1 for the first time the winter of 2014 and was hungrily waiting for the sequel to a game the community said would never come out. Returning to the world of Dishonored, after the death of Jessamine Kaldwin was exciting and fresh. The trailers were flashy and yet, still left a lot to the imagination. Once the game released in November, I eagerly played it, and yearned for DLC. Dishonored’s DLC was amazing and really expanded upon the story of the first game. Fast forward to this year’s E3 Trailer of the expansion, and cue more of the world stopping. With that, let’s get under way of the review of Dishonored – Death Of The Outsider. Warning: There will be some spoilers. Continue reading Dishonored – Death Of The Outsider Review