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Vivaldi – The Best Fork Of Chromium

Speed, reliability, features. Those are the three main factors I look for in a browser. A couple months ago, I had been curious to see what other browsers were out there. I was primarily a Chrome user for 4 years, with a random blip of Firefox in my history. After going through the gauntlet of browsers, Vivaldi stuck out as a great Chrome alternative, so much so that it is my main browser. Let’s take a look at what makes this feature heavy browser so special. Continue reading Vivaldi – The Best Fork Of Chromium

Install Chrome Extensions The Easy Way

I’ve looked everywhere on how to install Chrome extensions downloaded from sources other than Chrome’s certified extensions, and I couldn’t really find much. Honestly, it was a huge pain in the ass to find out, as I actually had to do it myself. Here’s how you can easily install Chrome extensions downloaded from the internet with the .crx extension (it’s very simple), no commands or other crap needed!
1.   Click the drop down menu on the top right of your Chrome browser and choose Tools > Extensions.

2.   Now find the extension you need and very simply drag it on your extension window!
3.   You’ll notice that the extension may say this:
As long as you trust where it’s coming from, don’t worry about it. You may also see “Installed by a third-party”, which means that a program outside of Chrome installed an extension (i.e. McAfee Site Advisor).
Hope this helped, it killed me for the longest time!