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Morti Viventear – Sleep Deprived Pessimist- Nautilus Edition Review

Ever since hearing Lovecraftsmanship and reviewing it on the website, I’ve been hooked on his work. There is something so fresh about his production style and the fact that his drums are well layered and intricate.  In my review of Lovecraftmanship, I compared him to DJ Shadow and J Dilla. I stand by those claims simply based on his crafting of a beat, but he takes it in a direction much more akin to Flying Lotus and his style of production. When Morti re-released Sleep Deprived Pessimist, I was excited to hear what he had to say, and to say I was surprised was an understatement.  Continue reading Morti Viventear – Sleep Deprived Pessimist- Nautilus Edition Review

Blink-182 – California Album Review

On July 1st, the 182nd day of the year, pop-punk outfit Blink-182 released their seventh (some would argue eight because of Buddha) album, California. This is their first album with guitar play and singer, Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio, after Tom DeLonge left the band earlier this year. Upon listening to the album in its entirety, I was surprised to hear how mature the record was in comparison to their previous efforts. Long gone are the jokes about having sex with a dog, or ejaculating in a sock. Their mature sound grew out of their self-titled album in addition to their previous album Neighborhoods. Continue reading Blink-182 – California Album Review