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Top 5 PC Games of 2017

2017 was a surprisingly great for gaming on the PC. There were a bunch of great titles, some of which I didn’t even get a chance to try out. Thankfully, I was kept busy with the great titles below. Look forward to our post on top 5 Nintendo Switch titles in the upcoming week! Let’s dive in, shall we? Continue reading Top 5 PC Games of 2017


Rocket League for the Switch – Battle Cars On The Go!

Psyonix’s Rocket League has broken a lot of boundaries in the gaming world. They’ve broken into the E-Sports world with their infectiously competitive game of ‘soccer cars’, and they’ve achieved cross-network play between their various platforms. The premise of Rocket League is simple, you drive a car that is rocket powered and hit the ball into the goal. The game is a cross between soccer and demolition derby, allowing you to fly through the air with boosts in order to score points in the five minute match. But how does this game do on the Nintendo Switch? Continue reading Rocket League for the Switch – Battle Cars On The Go!


Life With A Trackball Mouse

For the past couple months, I’ve started to feel an increasing pain in my wrist. This is partially due to my excessive computer usage in the past years after graduating college. I found that due to the nature of my job, which is primarily editing website content and creating and running spreadsheets, my right wrist was starting to feel sore and pain was starting to creep in. As a musician, specifically a guitar player, I simply can’t have any sort of pain. I did stresses and the such and found that while they did alleviate some of my pain, it didn’t reduce drastically enough. A couple days of research later, and we arrive at the trackball.  Continue reading Life With A Trackball Mouse

How to add LEDS to non-backlit Magicforce 68

I recently bought the non backlit Magicforce 68 by Qisan from Mehkee because I wanted to see if I’d like the smaller form factors. The board originally had Outemu Blue switches, but I soon changed them to Gateron Greens since I wanted to be able to apply more force to bottom the switch out (I’ll be making a post soon about soldering switches to a board). I soon realized that this could be a great test board to try out other mods like adding LED’s. Continue reading How to add LEDS to non-backlit Magicforce 68

Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is a great, fast browser. It was a game changer when it first came out, and it is still my browser of choice. One of the greatest features of Chrome is the fact it allows for plugins. These plugins can enhance your user experience and really make the browser feel like your own. I’m going to discuss my personal favorite Chrome Plugins below. Continue reading Essential Google Chrome Extensions

New York Times blocking AdBlock? Here’s a quick fix!

New York Times has recently announced that they will be blocking users that attempt to use any sort of ad blocking plugins. Most people don’t care and will quickly get their information from other places, which will ultimately cause their plan to backfire. If you happen to be one of the users that wants to continue blocking their ads, here’s a way for you to both use their site AND block ads. Continue reading New York Times blocking AdBlock? Here’s a quick fix!

What’s File Compression and how does it affect me?

When you think of the word ‘compression’ applied in the real world, you might think of something like a trash compactor taking a bunch of garbage and pushing it together tightly into a cube. Except in our case, “garbage” would be the form of media we are compressing whether it be music, an image, or large groups of files. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all implement file compression whenever you choose to upload something to their servers in order to save space, although there can sometimes be consequences when doing so.

Continue reading What’s File Compression and how does it affect me?

How to easily use a VPN to protect your privacy

Browsing the internet isn’t as safe as it used to be, and even then probably was not as safe as we’d all thought it was. Hackers are constantly crawling the web for vulnerabilities in website code to expose the privacy of individual users, and chances are if you have ever connected to a public WiFi hotspot you have been on the same network of somebody that was trying to attack it. Protecting your privacy with a VPN is one great way to prevent accidental leakage of your sensitive information.

Continue reading How to easily use a VPN to protect your privacy

Use ShareX and Dropbox to create a powerful screenshot tool

Taking screenshots on my computer happens quite frequently, especially if I’m sending them to friends troubleshooting program code or issues with their computers. was a great service for this before official support, but they have since limited the amount of screenshots you can upload to their servers. Dropbox has also offered a built-in screenshot utility, but it lacks many features that are important to me such as the ability to change hotkeys. Thankfully I’ve found a way to easily share my screenshots with Dropbox, but also customize my screenshotting experience using a nifty, open-source tool called ShareX.

Continue reading Use ShareX and Dropbox to create a powerful screenshot tool

Tigri O-Rings Review

There are many reasons to own a mechanical keyboard. For one, they last a lot longer than a standard membrane keyboard and the feel of a mechanical keyboard is something that draws many to it. Typing on a mechanical keyboard is an experience unto itself. Plus the customization in terms of the look of the keyboard and even how many keys you want (full 104 key set, TKL’s, 60%’s and even 65% keyboards are just some of the options). The downside to this is that mechanical keyboards tend to be loud. This is where o-rings come in. Continue reading Tigri O-Rings Review