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TADA68 Keyboard Build Log

Keyboard are different for everyone. Some people may need a numpad, others, don’t want the function row. For me, I’d been searching for what the community calls ‘endgame’. The final keyboard you will ever purchase because it has everything you want. For some that can be a HHKB, for others it can be a JM45. For me personally, I was looking for a 60% keyboard with arrow keys. After more research, I decided on the TADA68, and the search for a kit was on. I found a kit here, and a week and a half later, it arrived. Here is a build log of the board. Continue reading TADA68 Keyboard Build Log


V Moda Fader Earplugs Review

As a musician, hearing loss can be a death sentence. Mixing and mastering can take a big hit, as can live performances. But that doesn’t stop me, or others from attending shows. When attending, it is always important to wear ear plugs to ensure your hearing takes as little damage as possible. The orange earplugs that you can sometimes buy at merch booths can be annoying to secure in your ear. To combat that, California-based headphone company V-Moda has their Fader earplugs. Continue reading V Moda Fader Earplugs Review

Nyquist 60% Split Keyboard Build Log

Mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. From full size to gherkin, ortholinear and staggered, and ergonomic and staggered. The configurations of your keyboard are practically limitless. Reddit user /u//bakingpy pioneered the split 60% keyboard, known as the Nyquist board. It is a larger version of 40% split keyboard, known as the Let’s Split, by Reddit user /u/wootpatoot. This board was a super fun board to build, and below is my build log for it. Note: I followed these guides for building it, I can’t take the credit for it.  Continue reading Nyquist 60% Split Keyboard Build Log


How To Lube Your Trackball

Trackballs can be a god-send if you suffer from Repetitive Stress Injury or just lack of desk space. You can read more about them here and why we like them so much.  A concern that some have is the smoothness of a trackball versus a traditional mouse. Trackballs can feel scratch at first, but that isn’t something a little bit of lube can’t solve.  Continue reading How To Lube Your Trackball

1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger review

This product was given to me as a review unit from 1byone

Phone batteries are seemingly becoming less and less of a priority for manufactures in favor of larger screens and lack of headphone jacks. As a result, your phone battery might not last as long as you need. Power banks are a great way to make sure your phone makes it through the day. With 1byone’s 10,000 mAh portable charger, freaking out about your phone’s battery will be a thing of the past. Continue reading 1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger review

1byone One Handed Mechanical Keyboard

This product is a review unit provided to me by 1byone.

The mechanical keyboard market is littered with keyboards of various sizes like 40 %,60%, TKL and even ergos. All of these can be used for gaming, but most games don’t use every single key on the keyboard. For a minimalist, but still effective approach, 1byone has released their professional 1byone one handed mechanical keyboard. This board is geared towards gamers, especially fps players like CS:GO and Bioshock. Let’s take a look at what this 29 key beauty can do. Continue reading 1byone One Handed Mechanical Keyboard

1byone 4000DPI Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse Review

The 1byone Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse was given to me as a review unit from 1byone

A good mouse can really change the way a game is played. Two button mice with a scroll wheel have been replaced with 13 button monstrosities where every button can be programmed to your liking. Multiple profiles and fast DPI switching are at the palm of your hand with the 1byone USB Gaming Mouse. The packaging was slick, and the presentation of the mouse was much better than expected. Inside the box was the mouse along with an instruction manual and a CD for the software. Continue reading 1byone 4000DPI Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse Review

1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker was sent to me as a review unit by 1byone.

Listening to music on the go is such as great convenience that we have nowadays. It lets us take the music that we have on computers and literally listen to it on our phones when we’re running, or when we’re in the car. We love blasting our music loud, but sometimes, our phones can’t blast it as loud as we want. Thankfully, 1byone has release their 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker that alleviates that issue for us. Continue reading 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker

eLooke’s ohSnap Pro: A Simple and Wireless Selfie-Stick

You’ve almost definitely heard of the selfie stick before, popping up all over the media, even finding public group photo pictures on Facebook and other social networking websites. eLooke has managed to change the game by re-introducing it as a wireless, Bluetooth connectable device. Continue reading eLooke’s ohSnap Pro: A Simple and Wireless Selfie-Stick

Jackly Screwdriver Kit – Repairing Your Products Made Easy!

Everyone will need a set of screwdrivers at some point in life. I have a professional grade set that I keep for home repairs and other heavy duty fixes, but sometimes we need that small set for laptop repairs, cell phone repairs and even fixing a loose screw in a guitar. For that, the Jackly Screwdriver Kit is indispensable. Continue reading Jackly Screwdriver Kit – Repairing Your Products Made Easy!

Life With A Smartwatch

If you told me seven years ago that I would have a watch on my wrist that could let me view emails, view and send text messages, AND let me track my Dominoes pizza order, I’d have thought you were insane and go order some Dominoes. In my case, the Pebble Smartwatch has greatly improved the quality of my life, and I am extremely excited to see how far wearable technology will advance in the upcoming five years.

2015-11-03 16.20.57
Sleek profile and lightweight on my wrist!

The first thing thing to understand about smartwatches is that they are not meant to replace phones in most ways. Yes, you can receive emails and text messages on them, yes you can see the next set of directions from Google Maps on there, and yes you can see who is calling you, but you cannot browse the internet quickly with it, nor can you take notes with it or play Angry Birds or Agario on it. Instead, you should view the smartwatch an extension of your phone and yourself, a bridge of sorts. I will give an example of an average day for me and how my smartwatch plays a role in it.

I wake up and check the weather on my watch. Yes, I sleep with my smartwatch. I barely feel my Pebble on my wrist, even with my stainless steel band. I also quickly skim through my email, although I usually go to my phone for this since I manage my personal email, college email, and work email. After that, I will set my alarms on my watch for the rest of the day. I find these alarms are less intrusive than a phone alarm, which can emit an annoying ringtone and/or a vibrate. With the Pebble, I just have my watch vibrate on my wrist and that is it. The alarms that I set are generally for lunch and dinner since when I get either changes depending on the day. Then throughout the day, I will check my watch for info such as weather changes and text messages. If I see an email that I need to tend to, I will take out my phone

2015-11-05 10.20.30
Awear works great with Pebbles, and the weather is displayed cleanly

My calendar events are also featured on my watch, thanks to awear for Pebble, letting me see my calendar events, SMS, emails and weather. Through see all of my events, I can see where they are and what time they are, another convenience for me as I go through my day. I’ve frequently gone through my calendar stream on my watch as I’m in class just to see if there’s anywhere out of the ordinary I have to go to. I also use my watch to switch and pause my music through the embedded music feature that Pebble offers.

2015-11-03 16.22.46
My events are displayed in a timeline format that I really like

During my downtime in between classes, I’ll set alarms so I can head to my next class or my next event on time. I tend to get carried away when I have to eat or anything that has to do with downtime, so having these alarms really keeps me on track. Throughout the day, my activity is also being tracked such as footsteps and overall physical activity. Even once the day is completely over, and I am sleeping, I use my Pebble along with Sleep as Android, and it tracks my sleeping pattern and the flow of my sleep cycle.

One can see that I use my smartwatch for a multitude of purposes, and one could argue that even I am not fully utilizing the features of the Pebble, and smartwatches in general. Using Google Maps, something I seldom use since I don’t drive, would be another great addition, as well as

Having a smartwatch has definitely enhanced the quality of my life in many ways. As I mentioned before, a smartwatch is not meant to be a full on replacement for the phone, but an extension of it. Coupling the two together makes for a great combination and the possibilities that are available to the user are endless, but I would definitely say that the quality of my life has improved thanks to a smartwatch.