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TADA68 Keyboard Build Log

Keyboard are different for everyone. Some people may need a numpad, others, don’t want the function row. For me, I’d been searching for what the community calls ‘endgame’. The final keyboard you will ever purchase because it has everything you want. For some that can be a HHKB, for others it can be a JM45. For me personally, I was looking for a 60% keyboard with arrow keys. After more research, I decided on the TADA68, and the search for a kit was on. I found a kit here, and a week and a half later, it arrived. Here is a build log of the board. Continue reading TADA68 Keyboard Build Log


V Moda Fader Earplugs Review

As a musician, hearing loss can be a death sentence. Mixing and mastering can take a big hit, as can live performances. But that doesn’t stop me, or others from attending shows. When attending, it is always important to wear ear plugs to ensure your hearing takes as little damage as possible. The orange earplugs that you can sometimes buy at merch booths can be annoying to secure in your ear. To combat that, California-based headphone company V-Moda has their Fader earplugs. Continue reading V Moda Fader Earplugs Review


Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Silicone Joy-Con Covers

I purchased my Switch with grey Joy-Cons, which I came to regret over time. The blue and red Joy-Cons give the Nintendo Switch an iconic look akin to the Gamecube purple. Unfortunately, the blue and red Joy-Con set is frequently out-of-stock and also expensive. The consequence of fitting all those gyros and sensors into the controllers is $80. There is, however, a cheaper way to decorate my Joy-Cons: silicone covers. Silicone joy-con covers are popular and all over Amazon. They come in a variety of styles and even sport an ergonomic shape for comfort. I purchased a red & blue pair of Mayskey Joy-Con Gel Guards for $8 because it had positive reviews. Truthfully, I could’ve picked up a set from anyone.
Continue reading Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Silicone Joy-Con Covers

Nintendo Switch Accessory Case

Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Kungber Case Cover

We put cases on our smartphones because they are fragile and expensive pieces of portable technology. Shouldn’t we follow the same philosophy for the Nintendo Switch? While I don’t think people walk around with their Switch like a phone, it is more likely to be in the hands of young children. So, with that in mind, it pays to invest in the system’s longevity with a protective case of its own.

Disclaimer: I don’t have kids. I’m just a guy who likes playing games. Continue reading Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Kungber Case Cover

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Accessory Grip

Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – FASTSNAIL Joy-Con Grips

I appreciate Nintendo’s Joy-Con design. With L and R buttons on the side, a single Joy-con becomes a controller for certain games. This allows consumers to play with a friend straight out of the box. Innovative? Yes. But I doubt many will describe using one as comfortable. They are too small for the hands of most young adults and above to play effortlessly. This discomfort can impact performance and overall enjoyment. I have played with many friends who bemoan the instances of having to use only one Joy-con.

Continue reading Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – FASTSNAIL Joy-Con Grips

Nyquist 60% Split Keyboard Build Log

Mechanical keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. From full size to gherkin, ortholinear and staggered, and ergonomic and staggered. The configurations of your keyboard are practically limitless. Reddit user /u//bakingpy pioneered the split 60% keyboard, known as the Nyquist board. It is a larger version of 40% split keyboard, known as the Let’s Split, by Reddit user /u/wootpatoot. This board was a super fun board to build, and below is my build log for it. Note: I followed these guides for building it, I can’t take the credit for it.  Continue reading Nyquist 60% Split Keyboard Build Log


KZ ZS5 IEM Review – The Best Budget IEM

How I hear music has always been a point of interest to me. Speakers, headphones, and IEMS (In Ear Monitors) all provide different aural experiences that can be pleasing, yet unique. With that in mind, I was genuinely skeptical as to what $20 could get me. There are so many similarly priced products in the headphone world for $20. Skullcandy, cheaper Sennheiser’s, Anker and JVC all fit that price point. After 40 hours with them, I can confidently say these are the best earbuds/IEMS that you could buy. Continue reading KZ ZS5 IEM Review – The Best Budget IEM


How To Lube Your Trackball

Trackballs can be a god-send if you suffer from Repetitive Stress Injury or just lack of desk space. You can read more about them here and why we like them so much.  A concern that some have is the smoothness of a trackball versus a traditional mouse. Trackballs can feel scratch at first, but that isn’t something a little bit of lube can’t solve.  Continue reading How To Lube Your Trackball


Life With A Trackball Mouse

For the past couple months, I’ve started to feel an increasing pain in my wrist. This is partially due to my excessive computer usage in the past years after graduating college. I found that due to the nature of my job, which is primarily editing website content and creating and running spreadsheets, my right wrist was starting to feel sore and pain was starting to creep in. As a musician, specifically a guitar player, I simply can’t have any sort of pain. I did stresses and the such and found that while they did alleviate some of my pain, it didn’t reduce drastically enough. A couple days of research later, and we arrive at the trackball.  Continue reading Life With A Trackball Mouse

Locked Flak Sack

The LocTote: A Bag Worth Breaking Into

Most of the time when I travel I don’t need a fancy multi-compartment backpack, making a tote bag the go-to method for transporting my things. The LocTote is a surprisingly robust bag that combines security with functionality through its anti-slash fabric, various locking mechanisms, and RFID blocking pouch. Continue reading The LocTote: A Bag Worth Breaking Into

1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger review

This product was given to me as a review unit from 1byone

Phone batteries are seemingly becoming less and less of a priority for manufactures in favor of larger screens and lack of headphone jacks. As a result, your phone battery might not last as long as you need. Power banks are a great way to make sure your phone makes it through the day. With 1byone’s 10,000 mAh portable charger, freaking out about your phone’s battery will be a thing of the past. Continue reading 1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger review