Facebook Sucks – It Used To Be About You

Facebook at the beginning of last year was closing on 2 billion users. There’s around 7 and a half billion people. That means almost 30% of the entire world has a Facebook account. Yet Facebook is expected to lose 2 million users that are under the age of 24 this year according to eMarketer. Why is that the case? Isn’t Facebook the platform for the young kids and not their old parents? It seems that is becoming further and further from the truth. 

Where are my posts?

Facebook, when I first joined in 2008, was all about social interaction. Makes sense, right? Especially with it being a social media platform. People would make posts or post pictures or videos they made and it would create a dialogue. It might be as hanging out with my friends, or someone posting the lyrics to the new T-Pain single and a Facebook friend finishing it. That organic content creation is gone and is now replaced with people sharing videos from The Dodo and Now Politics. It’s not organic, it’s people sharing the same videos over and over again, creating a flood of nonsense.


They did the math

Facebook beat out MySpace, who remembers that? Kids nowadays don’t know what MySpace and although I never had a MySpace myself despite being in my mid 20’s, I was very familiar with it and it’s layout. Regardless, Facebook was great for groups and pages to reach a larger audience. They could share their content with ease and reach who they wanted. Nowadays with Facebook algorithms and a hint of black magic wizardry, posts from the groups that you follow are also hidden, leaving you subject to the shovelware garbage that are the videos of the large media outlets that make mindless posts.


So What’s Left?

If the posts created by the individual is gone, what’s left? I alluded to video-based pages are popular such as The Dodo and Now Politics, but it’s not just them. It’s pages that create videos en mass that go viral. Coupled with pages that spread viral photos and sponsored ads, and you have a cocktail for bloated ‘social media’ that isn’t even social. It’s media, just like other bloated platforms.

That and Messenger, and the question then becomes, is Facebook worth it outside of Messenger?

Tell us what you think! Do you think Facebook is just as bad as I think it is, or am I blowing it out of proportion.




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