Lil Wayne – Is it Weezy Season?


Tunechi F Baby, and the F is for finally back. Lil Wayne has been a seminal MC to the hip hop game. From really pushing the idea of the mixtape forward in the mid to late 2000’s to his birthing a generation of new wave rappers, Wayne is no slouch. 

Wayne has had some slumps though, most notably the slump that existed in the past couple years. Now, before you jump down my throat, yes, he has had stand out songs where he absolutely went in. Most notably his feature on the A$AP Rocky song M,$ from Rocky’s 2015 album At Long Last A$AP, but his verses that were great were far and few in-between.

All is not lost for fans Mr. Carter though. On Christmas day, Lil Wayne released Dedication 6, the 6th mixtape in his Dedication series. This has been a series that after the first two mixtapes, consisted of Lil Wayne rapping on top of the hottest beats around. I initially heard him rapping on top of DNA and thought that was impressive. It wasn’t until he actually released him rapping on top of Family Feud with Drake that I decided to listen to Dedication 6. Wayne snapped on the entire project. No slouching, few if any weak bars, and just an overall solid project.

Then Wayne starts releasing more songs, stating that there’s going to be a Dedication 6 Reloaded album with even more material. To make matters even more interesting, it comes out today, January 26, 2018.  If Wayne drops this project and it succeeds as far as a mixtape and on top of that, releases an album, regardless if it’s The Carter 5 or not, then Wayne will have made a comeback unlike any other MC in the game.

So what do you guys think? Do you think Wayne will succeed in making the comeback everyone wants him to? Is going to be able to successfully separate from Birdman and somehow release The Carter 5? Let’s talk about it!

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