Album Of The Week – Bossa Nova U.S.A.


The Dave Brubeck Quartet are known for their groundbreaking album “Time Out”, an album that changed the landscape of music in 1959. Odd time signatures, captivating melodies and infectious rhythms riddled the album and it put the entire quartet on the map. In the three years following the iconic release, the group released fifteen projects. One of which that stood out  was Brubeck’s “Bossa Nova U.S.A.” . 


This Can’t Be Love

This album is a sharp departure from Brubeck’s Time-series which are much more eclectic. The music in this album is much more laid back and can be characterized by the samba-based rhythmic instrumentation. This is evident from the very first song on the album, “Bossa Nova U.S.A.”. The entire album kinda reminds of a summer night out near the ocean. The weather is nice, the sea is calm, and everything is much more relaxing. Paul Desmond’s sax line on “Vento Fresco” embodies that emotion of relaxation and serenity. He flows so beautifully over the syncopated beat that Joe Morello lays down.

“Coracao Sensivel” is another great example of how relaxing this album is. Brubeck’s chopped up piano line effortlessly grooves with Morello’s drum work while Eugene Wright’s double bass work sits just a bit ahead of the beat. Desmond’s sax lines mirror that of a crooning woman on stage.

The overall album has an air of romance that just can’t be fought. When I put on this record, I’m taken away to a relaxing beach or a late summer’s night with a cool breeze.

Dave Brubeck - Bossa Nova U.S.A.


This was one of the first records I ever bought. I went to a flea market at the Meadowlands Flea Market and in the first pile of used records, I saw this record along with Billy Joel’s Innocent Man. This was during the very beginning of my love of vinyl, so I didn’t check condition or anything of that nature. I brought it home, dropped the needle on it, and fell in love. I have this pressing of the record, and everything sounds great. The record is not sibilant in any way, and the imaging of all of the instruments in fantastic.

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