Kozmophone Turntable – Vintage never looked so good!


Vinyl is something that we are all huge fans of here at WhatsItTech. We all have our own turntables, and favorites that we love to spin. From Sting to Perturbator and Technics 1200’s to Sansui’s. We’ve spoke about our love of it at great length in the past! One thing we never really thought we’d see are changes to the ‘traditional’ turntable. Enter Kozmophone, a company shaking up a classic design with a modern spin.

Ooo… Shiny!

The first thing you’ll notice about these turntables is their vibrant colors. Kozmophone wanted to bring some life and color to the classic design. Right now there are 6 colors: super red, space black, super blue, lemon yellow, pure white, and Kickstarter green. You can also customize the knobs that you’d like the turntable to have.


Interestingly enough, this table has an adjustable tonearm and a moving magnet cartridge. What this means is that you will be able to change the cartridge out for a new one once the needle wears down. As far as the tonearm is concerned, having It be adjustable lets you set the proper weight of the cartridge and prevent the needle from wearing down your records sooner than they should. These are features that aren’t present in other contemporary turntables such as the majority of the Crosley line, the Audio Technica LP 60 and a few other turntables that pride themselves on being ‘vintage’.

Spin me right ’round

Where this table differs is what truly makes it special. The gramophone horn that adorns the base of the turntable is the speaker. What makes this horn amazing is that it can be detached from the table and used as a portable speaker. Kozmophone offers a leather case for the speaker for an additional couple bucks that truly rounds out the look. The speaker can also swivel while attached the base, letting you control the direction of sound. If you already have a receiver that has a phono output, you can still connect your turntable to the system. The Kozmophone has RCA outputs, stereo output and a ground cable. The speaker also has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can connect your laptop or phone to it.


Another nifty feature is that the Kozmophone has a hologram. YEAH, a god-damn hologram! The holograms will play along to your music. Kozmophone will also offer more holograms on their site, and you can even make your own, although I’m not sure the process has been released yet. Right below the hologram unit is probably my favorite fact of the turntable, and that is the little caddy. This caddy is meant for all of your cleaning peripherals such as the AudioQuest Cleaning brush and Pfanstiehl SA11 that we recommend here at WiT.

Good Vibrations:

The turntable base is also quite heavy, and this is done for a very important reason: to reduce vibrations via absorption. The Kozmophone is a belt driven turntable, and this fact also comes with a couple benefits. Because a belt attached to a motor spins the platter, the quality of the music can be better because there is less noise interference from the motor. Isolating the motor also means that the noise does not transmit to the tonearm, which would then in turn be conveyed to the speakers and your ears.


This is all nicely and neatly wrapped in a sleek design that doesn’t seem forced. Kozmophone, in my opinion, knocked it out of the park with this turntable. The tables is priced very attractively, and your dollar goes really far with this table. Save up your money and forgo the suitcase turntables found around towns and malls, this is the real deal. Vintage while remaining stylish. You can check out the Kickstarter here!

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