Album Of The Week – Rise Against – Endgame


There are very few albums that I distinctly remember exactly where I was/what I was doing when they dropped. Rise Against’s sixth studio album Endgame was one of those few times. I was on a school trip the day it dropped, and I remember needing to get home to check out the album. When I got home and listened to it, I was absolutely floored. The album was a step forward and addressed some of the hardest hitting topics the band had every spoke on. The riffs were heavier, the content held more weight, the bass chunkier, it was everything I wanted. Without further ado, let’s get into the album of the week!

All I Need Is What I Have:

I got into the band around 2010, so I had already heard a lot of their classic records from RPM to Appeal To Reason. I had an idea of where they would go musically, but I wasn’t entirely sure at the same time. The tone of their Sufferer and The Witness, and Appeal To Reason was very similar so they could have went for a third album in that same vein. Instead, they stepped it up a notch.

The opening song “Architects” has such a bombastic intro and aggressive tone that doesn’t ever let up. In “Help Is On The Way” and “Make It Stop (September’s Children)”, the band calls out the entities that didn’t help save or help the victims of natural disasters and teen suicide. As someone who was in high school during the time of this album’s release, that really hit home. From there, the album only gets better with tracks like “Satellite”. “Survivor Guilt” and “Wait For Me”. Tim harkens back to his old screaming days with “Midnight Hands” to an extent, and it sounds like something that could have come off of Revolutions Per Minute.

The album as a whole is very political and Tim discusses a variety of topics. To an angst-y teenager, this album was a godsend, but even as an adult, I find Time expresses himself quite well. The drumming and guitar work on this album are also very standout. I don’t think the band ever sounded this tight and coherent in their entire time as a band. They sound super solid and in sync and they weren’t afraid to take creative liberties to make a standout album.

Final Thoughts:

The album overall has a very aggressive tone while still remaining an enjoyable listen. There will be times when I stop listening to Rise Against for a while, but fall immediately in love with this album all over again.

Give it a listen here!

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