SNES Classic Edition Launch at Nintendo NY

Snes Classic Edition

The SNES Classic Edition released Yesterday. No doubt, thousands of people lined up outside retailers overnight for a chance to relive 80s-90s video game nostalgia. I decided to check out Nintendo NY that day since I was already in the city.

SNES Classic: Waiting in Line Simulator

People waiting outside Nintendo NYC for the Snes Classic Edition
The line started at the end of the block

I wasn’t surprised to find hundreds of people waiting for the SNES Classic. Inside, the entire first floor handled SNES Classic purchases. A prominent stack of boxes sat behind the register, but the stock didn’t look enough to satisfy every eagerly waiting fan.

Scalpers already reselling the SNES Classic

Inaccessibility is often the case when it comes to Nintendo’s products. We’ve seen it with Amiibos, the Nintendo Switch, and with the NES Classic. Low in-store quantity mixed with incredibly high demand has repeatedly left to a disastrous outcome. Another consequence is the outrageous price gouging by scalpers online.

Scalpers trying to sell the SNES Classic on Ebay for outrageous prices
Unfortunately, people are willing to pay

In less than 24 hours, some people are trying to turn a profit off something many will never get to experience.  I’ve seen this all-too-often with convention tickets, rare comics, and limited edition console releases.

Managing Demand

Nintendo of America is well aware of this fact, and many articles site president Reggie Fils-Aime telling consumers not to purchase overpriced consoles on Ebay as demand will be better fulfilled. Hopefully, Nintendo delivers on this promise. Time will tell.

Retailers are striving to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to purchase the SNES Classic. Nintendo NY has a severe purchasing policy of the SNES Classic. They also issued wristbands on launch day to control the crowd and avoid wasting people’s time who had no chance of grabbing one. Good on them. I may purchase the Snes. It’s a collector’s item that I’d love to display on my shelf. But with outrageous demand and high $80 price-point, I just might skip it like I did for the NES Classic.

For anyone who does want a SNES Classic will need planning, determination, and patience.

Good Luck!

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