Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Kungber Case Cover

Nintendo Switch Accessory Case

We put cases on our smartphones because they are fragile and expensive pieces of portable technology. Shouldn’t we follow the same philosophy for the Nintendo Switch? While I don’t think people walk around with their Switch like a phone, it is more likely to be in the hands of young children. So, with that in mind, it pays to invest in the system’s longevity with a protective case of its own.

Disclaimer: I don’t have kids. I’m just a guy who likes playing games.

Kungber Nintendo Switch Case Cover

Nintendo Switch Case
I picked up the Kungber TPU Anti-Scratch Back Case Cover off Amazon because it promised greater protection and comfort for an attractive $10. It also included six joystick grips and I’m a sucker for extras. Here is my experience after using it for two months. 

Attaching the Case

After experimenting with a variety of methods, I’ve found one that consistently works. I insert the Switch bottom-first into the case before fixing it over the top corners one at a time. To remove the case, I simply reverse this process. I wish it were easier, but if you’re using the Switch undocked for a long period of time, you don’t notice it. 

Fantastic Fit

The Kungber fits the Switch like a glove. It curves every port, hole, vent, and button perfectly. My one gripe is how they sectioned the power and volume buttons. I sometimes turn off the Switch when I want to decrease the volume. The case doesn’t cover the front of the Switch, which may sacrifice protection, but doesn’t affect my control over the main buttons.

Ergonomic Feel

Nintendo Switch Case Bumpers
I never felt the Switch was uncomfortable to use portably. But it’s even more comfortable with the Kungber case. The case is light and flexible but feels firm when held. The bumper grips in the back where so sturdy that I actually couldn’t remember whether they were part of the console or just the case. And it delivers on its ergonomic promise. Holding the switch is more comfortable on my hands and firm grip gives me a greater sense of control over my actions in-game. I equate it to a slimmer version of the Wii U Gamepad, which I personally enjoyed using.

Can you Dock the Case?

Nintendo Switch Case Dock
No. Because this case is one unit (as opposed to cases that cover the Joy-Cons and console separately) I have to remove the whole case if I want to play the Switch docked. For this reason, I rarely use the case inside my house. At the very least, it fits inside my carrying case.

Get a Grip

Joystick grips
If you’ve read my review on Fastsnail Joy-Con Grips you’ve seen that I cover my joysticks.  They increase the joystick’s surface area, creating more comfort and control for larger thumbs. The grooves also prevent finger sliding. The Kungber case comes with a pair of red, blue, and grey grips. I used a blue and a red as a nice contrast to my grey Joy-Cons.


I couldn’t tell you how much protection this case provides the Switch. I wasn’t going to risk breaking a $300 console to test the merits of a $10 accessory. The case is made of flexible but firm TPU, which should protect the Switch against most scratches and floor drops. Based on some of the many durability tests the Switch is supposed to be more resistant than the average smartphone.

Final Verdict

I like the Kungber case, but it doesn’t have a purpose in home base. Fixture and removal aren’t easy or quick enough for it to be worth my time unless I was taking the train or going on a long car ride. At its price point, I’m not disappointed in my purchase. A takeaway from this is that I’ll probably want a cover case that can be separated into distinct components and can be docked. All-in-all, I will look for a replacement in the future.


An inexpensive “nice-to-have” way to provide mid-protect to your Switch while giving a more comfortable undocked gaming experience. The struggle of fixture and removal, and the inability to dock it or remove the Joy-Cons only makes this truly worth it to someone who frequently travels or commutes.

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