Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – FASTSNAIL Joy-Con Grips

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Accessory Grip

I appreciate Nintendo’s Joy-Con design. With L and R buttons on the side, a single Joy-con becomes a controller for certain games. This allows consumers to play with a friend straight out of the box. Innovative? Yes. But I doubt many will describe using one as comfortable. They are too small for the hands of most young adults and above to play effortlessly. This discomfort can impact performance and overall enjoyment. I have played with many friends who bemoan the instances of having to use only one Joy-con.

Joy-Con Grips

Then I found the Joy-Con Grips by FASTSNAIL. On a whim, I ordered a pair of grips off Amazon for $13. I tested them out on Mario Kart 8 when they arrived. I played for two hours straight, soon forgetting why I booted up the game at all.

Nintendo Switch Accessory Joy-Con Grip
A mix of comfort and improved performance

I can compress my praise for these grips by saying they feel identical to the included dual Joy-con grip. It is essentially an effortless process. Fixture and removal are easy, and the Joy-Con rests sturdily during gameplay. Using the controls feels more natural, especially the L & R buttons. And I won’t have to fidget with Joy-Con wrist straps either. The only adjustment I had to make was moving my left thumb more inward to reach the joystick when using the right Joy-con, (vice versa for using the left Joy-con with reaching the buttons). I was, however, content after that single adjustment.

Final Verdict

At $13 for two controller grips off Amazon, it is a fantastic deal. These are “must-have” for local multiplayer games like Mario Kart 8 or Snipper Clips. They are also a “nice-to-have” for those want a simpler or more traditional gaming experience for titles such as Shovel Knight. I cannot say whether FASTSNAIL has the best Joy-con grips available. What I will say is that I am perfectly satisfied with these grips and feel no compulsion to search elsewhere. With these, you’ll probably never to have to hear “I lost because I was using one Joy-con” again.


FASTSNAIL’s Joy-con Grips are a fantastic and inexpensive “must-have” solution for those seeking an ergonomic gaming experience when using a single Joy-con for local multiplayer and single player games.

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