Concert Review – Back Pocket Alimony at The Stone Pony


Walking into the Stone Pony can be sort of a cathartic experience. It’s a venue that local bands and famous bands alike have played. The wall is plastered with guitar hooks, holding instruments signed by those exact same bands. It was my first time visiting the Pony and I enjoyed every second of it. I was visiting to see what my state’s music scene had to offer, and one act that intrigued me the most was BackPocket Alimony. 

What to do, with all of these memories of you?

Backpocket Alimony is a four-piece from Montclair, comprising of Marshall Aviles on vocals, Louis Aduko on drums, Jeff Gale Beatty on guitar and Michael Telewiak on bass guitar. From the moment they hit the stage, they had a sense of enthusiasm and legitimate jubilance that can only be found in young bands. They kicked it off with Take A Drive, a song that pretty much encapsulates their entire sound. The bass has a very treble-y pop-punk sound to it, akin to Blink-182, whilst the drums lock into the groove and the guitar fills out the higher end with chords that ring out and grab your attention. Marshall’s vocals sat well in the mix. He has the charisma that a lead singer should have without the arrogance. After Take A Drive, they introduced themselves and thanked the crowd for being there. They moved right into New Man followed by One In The Book. The songs were well constructed, but the best was yet to come.


White Lies is a pop-punk song infused song filled with a Rise Against styled hook and bridge. The song is immensely catchy and was my favorite song from the set. With the bass treble bumped up a hair, and Louis providing a syncopated rhythm, the song really shined. They closed their set with Shots Fired, a crowd moving tune where Jeff’s guitar playing stood out quite a bit for the layer of sound he was adding to the song. He really rounded off the song and made it sound larger than life.



Overall Thoughts

The guys put on an absolutely energy-driven set, closing it with the fact that they are releasing an EP soon called Out Of Pocket. I will definitely be checking out their music when it releases. If you’re a fan of Rise Against (the Sufferer and The Witness era with a bit of Siren Songs Of The Counter Culture sprinkled in), or The Story So Far (any of their projects really, probably Under Soil and Dirt the most bass wise), then you will definitely enjoy this band. You can catch them at Dingbatz In NJ on September 1st for the Summer Scorcher show.

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