Paramore release their new single “Told You So”

Paramore Told You So

The Tennessee natives are back with a second single off their new albumĀ After Laughter, due to release on May 12. The music video for the second single, titled “Told You So“, is directed by Directed by Zac Farro and Aaron Joseph.

Paramore Told You So
Source: Consequence of Sound, Beat 1 Radio

In my opinion, I like this song a lot more than the first song “Hard Times”. I like the way that Told You So has a more moving and diverse bass line than “Hard Times”. The keys add a great layer to this song, and the song sounds fresh to me, whereas I felt their first single could have been a B-Side from their self-titled album. Overall, I’m very excited to see where this album goes, since I wasn’t a big fan of their self-titled.

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