1byone Digital Smart Wireless Scale

This product was given to me as a review unit from 1byone

Being healthy and concerning yourself with your health is at an all time high. There’s diet crazes and new gyms that open up every day it seems. One thing that we seemingly do multiples times a day is check our weight. This digital smart wireless scale by 1byone makes it so much easier.


The scale has a sleek design that fits practically any room decor. It’s very minimalistic in design which I enjoy. When the user steps on the scale, it lights up with the users’ weight. If you have the accompanying mobile app, your weight and other relevant information gets sent to the app. The app is where the digital scale differs from its competitors.


The 1byone Wellness App displays your weight in addition to other statistics such as Body Fat%, BMI, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass and more. I wish the app was more consistent in terms of design. The app looks like it was developed during the Android 4.0 days. The information could be displayed in a cleaner manner using menu and charts. The image below shows all the information available to you, in addition to the inconsistent size of the header. It would be cool if the app explained what BMI and Visceral fat is as well exercises one could do to lose weight and remain healthy.


I would like to see the software the scale uses to improve. Aside from that, the scale works nicely and I like the look of it in my bathroom. You can buy it from Amazon here.


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