Messenger by Klinker Apps – Texting just got a whole lot easier

I love texting apps. An efficient texting app that has a great set of features is a beautiful thing. As a result, I’ve always checked out up and coming texting apps. Some fall flat on their face, but Messenger by Klinker Apps is a game changer.

Klinker’s take on an SMS app

The app follows Material Design UI well and it’s very fast. The only other app that was this fast for me was Textra, which I used for three years with very little need to switch. Messenger doesn’t have a million different menus and features, but I think it has everything you need. You can schedule messages, blacklist numbers, and mute certain contacts.


The fact I even considered using Messenger was because it had the ability to schedule messages, a feature Textra and my previous texting app YAATA SMS had. What’s really cool about scheduling a message on Messenger is that it has its own dedicated screen so you can see all the people you’ve scheduled messages for, the content, and when it’s going out



Chrome App saves the day!

The feature that made me make the full switch over the Messenger was their Chrome app. Yeah, they have their own texting client for Chrome. I used to use Pushbullet for texting until they went on their horrendous premium plan.Texting from my laptop made it so much easier to not use my phone as much. Klinker gives you the option to use Messenger through a website or through their Chrome app. The Chrome opens in a standalone window and I can pin it to my taskbar, so I like it more.. It looks just like the Android app, and is just as smooth. When you send a message, it does do something weird with the order of the messages, but the messages are sent on time nonetheless.


I love when things work the way they are supposed to. Messenger doesn’t do anything new, yet, but it makes the texting experience enjoyable and simply. Everything is streamlined and makes sense. I can’t wait to see what the guys at Klinker do for their future releases. The app is updated pretty frequently, and new features are always being added. If you want to hear more about the app, check it out here and download it here.

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