1byone Beside Touch Sensor Table Lamp Review

This product was given to me as a review unit from 1byone.

When I initially saw this lamp, I truly was not expecting much more than a lamp that emitted pretty colors. As I used the 1byone table lamp more, I began to love it and now I use it everyday! 


The lamp itself is about six inches tall and has a very sleek design. The bottom of the lamp has a power button to turn it on and off while the sides of the lamp offer nothing more than a charging port and a light that tells you whether the lamp is on or off. The top of the lamp has a silver circle which you tap to turn on the lamp and cycle through various brightness levels. If you tap the lamp once, you get a very dim light, great for late night reading, the second is a bit brighter for when you need to get to the bathroom late at night, and the third for those mornings when the shades are closed, but you really should get up. the dimmest light is my personal favorite because it’s great for having on late at night while you’re working.


Red Vs. Blue

Pressing and holding your fingers down on the top circle for a couple seconds will turn on the RGB color oscillation. These colors are soft, yet vibrant and bring a lot of color to your room, no pun intended. If all the lights are turned off in a room, the lamp brings a very ambient glow to the room.


It lasted how long?!

The most impressive thing to me was the battery on this lamp. I charged this lamp once over night. It has a 3600 mAh battery which is actually larger than most smartphones. When used moderately and on standby (power is on but light is not in use) I got 2 1/2 weeks of battery. That alone made this lamp a joy to use.

Overall, I fully recommend this lamp to anyone who needs one for their beside. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sleek, it also lasts quite a while and sets your room aglow! You can buy it on amazon here!

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