1byone One Handed Mechanical Keyboard

This product is a review unit provided to me by 1byone.

The mechanical keyboard market is littered with keyboards of various sizes like 40 %,60%, TKL and even ergos. All of these can be used for gaming, but most games don’t use every single key on the keyboard. For a minimalist, but still effective approach, 1byone has released their professional 1byone one handed mechanical keyboard. This board is geared towards gamers, especially fps players like CS:GO and Bioshock. Let’s take a look at what this 29 key beauty can do.


Pretty Colors

The board comes with Kalih blue switches. I currently own a mech with brown switches, so I cannot compare them to actual Cherry MX Blues, but they do fit the description of blues with their loudness and feel. The colors can be customized so that they don’t oscillate an RGB nightmare. I have mine set to slowly oscillate the colors so I can really enjoy it. The keyboard also has a braided cable, a nice touch that prevents cable fray.


The keyboard works as intended with the software. You can find the drivers for the software on the 1byone website here, which is great because a lot of people don’t have disk drives in their computer anymore. Now, this keyboard is not marketed for a specific genre of games, but I found that it works best for games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Viscera Cleanup Detail. The reason I say this is that it is unfortunately missing a couple keys to make it useful for a lot of games. Bioshock Infinite utilizes keys “Z” and “C”, Dishonored requires “C” to crouch, and even a simple game like Risk of Rain requires keys “Z”, “X”, “C”, and “V”. What this means is that although the keyboard is programmable, it is frustrating to remap the keyboard for practically every game you play. Another strange this is that the “G” and “B” key are swapped, potentially making it easier for FPS players to throw grenades.

1byone 29 Key Mechanical Keyboard
1byone 29 Key Mechanical Keyboard

The most glaring thing I noticed with this keyboard, that make it tough to use, is that spacing on the left hand side is off. On a traditional QWERTY keyboard, Caps lock is next to “A” and Shift is next to “Z” and “CTRL” is in the bottom left. This is logical and comfortable for players using the WASD style of movement. It feels natural to have your pinkie on the “SHIFT” key since it is a row below the “A”. If they shared the same row, your fingers would be cramped. Unfortunately, that is the case with this keyboard. “SHIFT” and “A” are next to each other, providing a cramped experience if you are trying to run in almost any FPS game.

The keyboard as a whole does feel quite nice and I enjoy using it for the games that it can work seamlessly for. Programming the keys is quite easy as is changing the colors. You can buy the one handed 29 key keyboard here.


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