1byone’s In-Ear Earphones with Memory Wire

While these are a basic pair of earphones, the memory wire easily clings around your ears. The 1byone Earphones with Memory Wire make a perfect pair for those on the move.

Quick Impressions

On behalf of 1byone, I was able to get my hands on these earphones which come with ‘Memory Wire’. In the box the wire may come straightened out, but after adjustment it easily molds to your ear’s shape. Similar to sport earphones you find on Amazon, it acts to keep the earphones in your ears while you walk or jog. For those finding that kind of style uncomfortable, these may offer a better fit.

1byone Earphone Tips

The Sound?

Considering these earphones are sub $20 in price, they have sound comparable to Apple EarPods. The most prominent aspect of sound with these would be the bass, making them good for Rap, EDM and most rhythmic pop music. Apple’s earphones have more noticeable mids, but the high frequencies are just about on par with these. Of course you should not expect exceptional sound quality, but they are great for casual listening on the go. If somebody has a taste for bass-heavy earphones, they may simply end up loving these.

1byone Earphones Carrying Case

Worth it?

For $12 with Prime attached, I’d say these are easily worth the money. Personally I’ve just stuck them in my bag. If I suddenly get a craving to listen to music they’re there for me. They also come with a small carrying case so they won’t get tangled, which is a nice convenience. While it would be nice to have an embedded microphone, they still serve their purpose as a good pair of everyday earphones.

Looking to buy them? You can follow the link here to purchase.


Feel free to browse 1byone’s Amazon page for other great gadgets and accessories.

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