Surprise! WhatsApp Shares Your Data with Facebook

To everybody’s “surprise”, the popular Facebook-owned messenger WhatsApp shares information with the social media giant. To make matters worse, they’re also distributing this information to advertisers for monetary benefit.

I’ve never really been a fan of Facebook, mostly hated it from day one. Its usage is, ironically, is the epitome of anti-social behavior, and in some cases linked to depression. Of course, that’s not stopping users from using the popular WhatsApp Messenger used to send millions of messages per day. Just today they have announced a change to their privacy policy stating that they will be able to collect your phone number. While they will not share this info with 3rd parties, it won’t stop them from using it for their personal benefit to enhance their ad-tracking system. In the end, you are simply being delivered more ‘targeted’ ads on Facebook using whatever algorithms they have conceived. The addition of end-to-end encryption is very much appreciated, but the amount of tracking they do on their users tells me that the addition of this feature is likely only for saving face.

Telegram Messenger

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If you’re trying to communicate with friends without the fear of being tracked, try Telegram, supported on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and even Web Browser. While it may not be as secure as you’d think, it’s still a great alternative with tons of support and a clean interface.

If you still want to use WhatsApp, you can disable some of the tracking features recently implemented by Facebook by following these steps through WhatsApp’s support page:

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