Album Of The Week: Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume I – Coheed And Cambria

You stormed off to scar the armada

I initially heard of Coheed and Cambria from Rockband. Their song, “Welcome Home” was towards the top for difficult songs. I really liked how layered and big it sounded, so I did what any 14 year old kid did in the mid 2000’s, I downloaded it off of Limewire. At the time, I only downloaded a couple songs by each artist, so I just downloaded whatever I saw. On the bus rides to school, I’d listen to the songs. For some reason with Coheed, I only listened to Welcome Home, I never figured out why. Maybe it’s because of how long it was, or  because I didn’t want to tarnish the perfect image I had of them by listening to a potentially bad song. Either way, I eventually let my iPod take me to the next song, and I’m so grateful I let it. It turned out to be “The Suffering”, another single off of the same album. I was addicted to that song for weeks, and I would eventually download the entire album.

Coheed And Cambria: Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV
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Is there a word or right to say?

The song titles were weird to me, but I eventually got over that when I heard how amazing the album was. Every song felt like an adventure that I didn’t want to see end.. The album to me was, and is, perfect to me in many capacities. The way the guitar players Claudio and Travis work around each other is amazing, and the fact that Claudio sings on top of playing some of the guitar lines he plays is also incredible to me. My favorite part of the band though would have to be rhythm section of Michael Todd and Josh Eppard on bass guitar and drums respectively. They work so well together and Todd’s basslines fit well into the songs.

I was moved by “Wake Up”, I was angry by “Ten Speeds (Of God’s Blood & Burial) and I rocked out to “The Willing Well II: Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness”. Every lyric, melody and bass line had me craving more. The story of the Coheed and Cambria kept me entranced for years. I still get into  phases where all I’ll listen to for days on end are their albums front to back. They completely changed the way I write music and how I approach it. The two guitar players don’t just play on top of each other or compete to see who can shred the most, but they create tasteful melodies that are played over well thought out accenting chords. The structure of their songs change and their longer pieces are simply bliss to the ear.

Here are some of my favorite Coheed and Cambria songs from this album-

The Suffering

Crossing The Frame08

Apollo I: The Writing Writer 

The Willing Well II: Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness

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