1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones Review

1byone Noise Isolation Earbuds

This product was sent to me as a review unit from 1byone for my unbiased review.

The world of earbuds and in ear monitors is a great way for music enthusiasts to experience their music in new ways without breaking the bank. They’re tiny, portable, and best of all, come with multiple ear tips, making comfort accessible for everyone. 1byone tossed their hat in the ring with the 1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones. 

Presentation and Durability

The presentation of the packaging was done quite well. I like the fact that the earbuds came with a case. The case is sturdy and it helps prevent the cables from getting torn up in my pockets. Two types of eartips are inside the case, a rubber/silicone set, and a foam set. I was fortunate in the fact that the default eartips fit my ear canals perfectly fine, but I enjoyed using the foam tips. They molded to the shape of my ear, which was new, but I got used to it in thirty minutes.

1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones Box

I have to say, after exclusively using these earbuds for the past week, they held up surprisingly well. From Skype calls to jogs in the rain, they survived and gave me the music I needed. However, I think the wire for the earbuds is too thin near the earbud drivers. I always get a little nervous wrapping the cable up when I get to that part because I do not want the cable to snap.

Hello, it’s me?

One thing I was excited about using was the in-line microphone. I traditionally use a Bluetooth headset, but every time I use it, I always get told that I sound like I am far away. When I used the inline mic on this, I found that my voice was perfectly audible. The best part was that I didn’t even have to raise the mic to my mouth. I did voice tests using the voice recorder on my phone and found I was heard clearly in the recordings as well. This was great news to me.

1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones Inine Mic


Audio Quality and Isolation

The quality of the earbuds is okay at best. This was an unfortunate conclusion to come to, especially since the voice quality and durability were fantastic. Sadly, the headphones just lack a lot of highs and some of the mids. Earbuds in this price range tend to prioritize the bass since a lot of the generic music on the radio is bass heavy. These earbuds have decent bass, I’ll give it that, but it lacks clarity in the higher frequencies.

1byone Professional Stereo Sport Earphones

What did impress though, and is worth noting despite the less than stellar audio quality, is the isolation. With my Bluetooth Headphones, I could still hear the world around when maxed out volume wise. With these 1byone earbuds, I could have the volume at 40% and block out the world around me. The isolation works so well that I couldn’t hear someone talking to me from three feet away. Of course, this is dangerous in public, but in the privacy of your own home or while you’re going for a walk, it’s a nice feature to have.


The audio quality is not mind blowing, but it will suffice for running or casual office listening. Remember that quality of your audio source is just as important as the headphones or earbuds you are using. For less than $20, you’d be hard pressed to find another pair of earbuds that isolate this well and provide the quality that they do. You can buy these earbuds from Amazon through this link!

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