How to fix the HTC One M8 Battery Drain

If there is one thing I hate with modern smartphones, it is phone-breaking bugs. We are in a day and age where the latest flagship phones cost $500, and if you are not with a cellular provider that still honors a 2-year contract, phone expenses can add up. Couple that with the fact that a lot of phone companies stop supporting phones when they become two years old, and you’re left in a dilemma. I personally like keeping my phones for as long as I can just to save money. I’ve had my HTC One M8 for about a year and a half, and I’ve loved every second of it, except when I got a bug that was driving me up a wall. 


One night my phone randomly reset itself after it died. When I turned on my phone, my settings had disappeared and apps were missing.  To make matters worse, I noticed my phone was getting really hot. I downloaded GSam Battery Monitor and noted that my phone was getting to 110 degrees Fahrenheit easily, peaking at 118.

Digging into the settings lead me to understand that even when my phone was off, the phone was still “awake”. As a result, my phone would die within three or four hours, even if I wasn’t using it. GSam Battery Monitor also noted that Google Play Services were the primary cause of my battery drain.

HTC One M8 Battery Draining Bug
You can see that the phone’s screen was barely on, yet it was always awake


HTC One M8 Android Draining Bug
Google Play Services is using a lot of the battery. So is Google Play Music, even though I’ve never used it before.



For the past month, I could not figure out how to resolve the issue. A couple days ago, reddit user u/Ewwbullterd posted about it here and found a solution! He found out that the issue must have been one of the stock HTC apps that come with your phone. One of the apps is pinging the Google Play Servers consistently, causing your phone to remain awake even when the screen is off. Apps like Greenify did not help in disabling any of these issues. I immediately factory reset my phone, and wand disabled auto update for all Verizon and HTC apps. After that, my issue seemed to have disappeared. My phone is now constantly hovering around 89 degrees and is cool to the touch.


Edited by Lauren Fabrizio

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