1byone Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

There’s a range of gaming headsets available on the market including Tritton, Corsair and HyperX. In addition, most of them are in the higher price range with excellent sound and microphone quality. 1byone shows us exactly what a sub $50 headset sounds like.

With so many headsets floating around, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I received a review sample of their 7.1 Surround USB Gaming Headset Courtesy of 1byone and have to say I’m rather impressed. It’s not going to outperform the Tritton AX 720+ or other high-tier headsets, but its price is spot-on.

First look at the 1byone Headset

1byone Headset with Mouse

Presented in an easy-to-open box that slides out easily, the product comes with only the necessities: a manual, driver CD and the headset itself.  Installing the drivers was also pretty simple, asking only that the headset be plugged in during installation. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before putting on the headset. Adjusting them for a few seconds or so, it was obvious at this point that they were pretty darn comfortable. Without forgetting to appreciate the aesthetics, they also illuminate a soft red color which look great even resting on the desk. So far, so good!

Nice and Comfy

1byone Headset with Microphone

Gaming well into the night is something I thoroughly enjoy. Only until it’s the next day do I even consider going to sleep! You should be able to wear your headset without issue for long periods of time. During hours and hours of use, there is slight to no pressure on my head. The ear pads are even cushy enough on the sides of my head and around my ears. The band that reaches over the top is especially comfortable and large enough to accommodate those with larger sized heads. With the amount of headsets I’ve tried on in the past, this is easily among one of the most comfortable.

Listen, it’s great.

First off, don’t expect an ‘audiophile experience’; these are gaming headphones you know! For their low price point they produce fantastic, boomy sound that pairs well with any action or FPS game. The included drivers even produce a simulated 7.1 response, which sound closer to a 5.1 response, but nonetheless are still pretty good. Even music can pair well with these, notably rap and electronic music due to their repetitive kicks and bassy rhythm. When you’re in game, you can hear the bullets fly past you in games like Battlefield 4 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While not as prominent as the surround sound on the Logitech G35 Headphones, for the price of these headphones they’re still pretty great.

Hear me?

1byone Headset Control

The microphone can also pick up my voice without any problems. There was some static that could be heard at first, although after adjusting the gain in the included drivers there were no issues whatsoever. Attached to the headset is also a control box including volume, mic mute and LED light toggle. When you toggle the mute on the microphone, the light at the end will disable. It’s a cool feature to have, although you have to put your hand in front to see the light, which isn’t too big of a problem. So it doesn’t get in the way when not in use, the mic also slides in and out of the headset without issue.

Worth or not worth?

As PC gaming is on the rise, more and more headsets are released but many of them are high-priced. Overall, the quality is good and will surely last for years. I recommend this to any casual or mid-tier PC gamer wanting to get a low price, good quality headset. If you would like, you could also purchase the headset via 1byone’s website by following this link.

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Edited by Lauren Fabrizio

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