1byone 4000DPI Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse Review

The 1byone Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse was given to me as a review unit from 1byone

A good mouse can really change the way a game is played. Two button mice with a scroll wheel have been replaced with 13 button monstrosities where every button can be programmed to your liking. Multiple profiles and fast DPI switching are at the palm of your hand with the 1byone USB Gaming Mouse. The packaging was slick, and the presentation of the mouse was much better than expected. Inside the box was the mouse along with an instruction manual and a CD for the software.


The mouse fits well in my hand, but it is a little on the tinier side. My Perrix mouse and the 1byone mouse can be found below side by side. The Perrix has a larger top and is also wider. I used the 1byone mouse exclusively for the past week and found that I was able to adapt to it a lot better than expected. I’m glad the thumb rest was added; it’s a great touch and it feels very natural. The buttons are very receptive and they feel pretty sturdy. Thankfully, 1byone didn’t go crazy with the branding, and only feature their logo once on the product. Lastly, the braided wire was a great addition. I’m glad more and more mice are coming with braided cables. It’s a much appreciated addition.

There are two features I would like to see in this mouse. The first is an up and down toggle for the DPI. It is invaluable to switch between them effectively while gaming. The second is a weight system of some sort. The mouse is lighter than most gaming mice I have used, and adding weights in the bottom really helps the user control the mouse better.

1byone 4000 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse and Perrix MX 2000


I was a little annoyed that the software was not available for download on the company’s website. A lot of computers are going for a slimmer approach, thus removing the disk drive. My laptop does not currently have a disk drive, making it impossible for me to get the software from the CD. I was able to extract it using my dad’s laptop, but having the software online would have been a great help. The software has five main areas: Light Setting, Sensitivity, Button Settings, System Setting and Advanced Setting.

Light Setting controls the LEDs of the mouse. Whether you want the light effect to be on or off, the color of the light and the light effect type are all of the components you can control. I personally like the breathing light effect type, and all of the colors are very vibrant and bright. Blue is my favorite, but that is also because each light corresponds to a specific DPI setting. DPI, or dots per inch, is how sensitive your mouse is to small movements. The higher the DPI, the faster the cursor will move on your screen.

1byone 4000 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse Light Settings

Sensitivity is an extension of the previous panel. Here, you can adjust the sensitivity for  each of the six DPI settings. If you like your lower settings to be slower, than this is where you would want to go. I kept everything stock here because I felt they did a good job with the adjustments. I generally play with 2500 DPI, as I find it comfortable, but it will change from game to game.

1byone 4000 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Button settings is where things get fun. Each of the 8 buttons (Left click, right click, middle click, forward, backward, DPI, scroll up and scroll down) can all be programmed to do different things. You can program simple things such as closing windows, or complex macros that will perform button patterns for you. Personally, I am used to my 12 button mouse, where certain macros do certain things, but 8 is plenty to work with.

1byone 4000 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse Button Settings

The system settings and advanced settings are two panels I just don’t mess with. The system settings in this case are the Windows settings, while advanced deals with polling rates. I’m not terribly familiar with polling rates, so I leave things the way they are. On the far right side, you can see the profiles you have, making switching between them a breeze.

This mouse is honestly great. I enjoy using it and sometimes don’t even plug in my Perrix just because I am so used to this mouse. The function, feel, and design all feel right, although I’d love a DPI up and down switch. You can buy the 1byone Programmable USB Gaming Mouse here.

Edited by Lauren Fabrizio



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