1byone foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

This 1byone foldable Bluetooth Keyboard was sent to me as a review unit by 1byone.

For the longest time, I have always wanted a portable Bluetooth keyboard. One that you can quickly setup and just start working. Whether it’s syncing to your phone for those afternoon writing sessions at Starbucks, or intense note-taking in class on a small desk with your tablet, the 1byone foldable Bluetooth keyboard will help you every step of the way.


Upon receiving this product, I was pleasantly surprised with how durable the product was. The frame is made out of a stainless steel and the keyboard does not feel flimsy at all when it is unfolded. Just like the 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard with trackpad, it is a chiclet keyboard so it feels a little snappy. After unfolding the keyboard, pairing it with a device is as simple as holding the function key and pressing “C”. Once I was fully paired, I started typing with it for a week whenever I had to type out long text messages or an email on the go.

The keyboard is quite responsive and it was easy to use. After the initial sync, it would automatically sync with my phone the moment I unfolded it. This is a great feature to have since I hate having to pair something again and again. The keyboard is very comparable to other Bluetooth keyboards in the market in terms of key size in addition to feel.
Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


There are two very distinct flaws with it that prevent me from wanting to use it on a daily basis (and go back to my 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard with the trackpad) and they are the right shift key and the backspace key. The backspace key feels very out of reach as I type on this keyboard, and I frequently click the ‘\’ key when I want to delete a key, causing more frustration. The arrow keys are also in a silly spot because the right shift key is extremely small. Despite being a gamer and relying on the left shift a lot, clicking the right shift key is second nature to me and I miss click frequently with it. A way to remedy this problem would be to make the up and down arrow key into one key, and split the key in half so that there would be two tiny keys in the spot where the down arrow would be. The spot where the up arrow key was would merge with the original right shift key to make the key a proper size. Besides those two issues, I find the keyboard comfortable and easy to use.

Edited by Lauren Fabrizio

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