YAATA SMS Android App Review

I do my best to check out as many new Android apps as possible. I am always on the hunt for the best app for a specific purpose, regardless if it is for texting, browsing the internet or organizing my events on a calendar. Textra was my primary texting app for a year and a half and I enjoyed a lot of the features it offered. It provided everything important that its older brother Chomp SMS had, while still being a small app filled with more than enough features. A friend recommended YAATA SMS, and I was instantly blown away by the additional functionality.


The app itself follows the rules for Material Design, which is a great plus. Upon opening a conversation, you can see a plus button in the text box. This button displays a bunch of additional features that you can use such as attaching an image, recording and sending an audio message, scheduling a message, or a plethora of other functions if you click the 3 dots. The 3 dots in line on the top surprisingly give you a lot of control with functions such as muting the conversation, blocking or deleting the conversation entirely.

The app also lets the user change their themes from light mode, dark mode, and black mode. This is a great feature since I generally use the dark mode for all of my apps when I can to save battery. It also has a dedicated night mode for the wee hours of the morning.


If I had to list all of the features in this app, I’d have quite a task before me. Instead, I’ll highlight some of the most notable features.

Scheduled Messages: This is by far my favorite feature from Textra, and it was the reason I stayed with them for so long, despite enjoying other growing SMS apps such as YAATA SMS and Falcon SMS. The fact that YAATA SMS had scheduled messages was a big plus for me. I frequently schedule texts at night that are meant for the morning.

YAATA SMS Scheduled Message

Chat heads: There are very few applications that use this. Minus Facebook Messenger, and Ninja SMS, other haven’t implemented it for one reason or another.  Chat heads, I find, are fantastic and let me jump back into conversations really quickly without having to be inconvenienced with opening the application itself. The great thing about YAATA’s chat heads is that it creates a floating quick reply for the user, making it easy to respond to your friends and family without having to stop what you’re doing in most cases. Holding the chat head icon and dragging it to a specific part of the screen lets you either call, open the full conversation, or remove the chat head entirely until the next message.


Contact Options: In the conversations list, you have the ability to slide the contact name to the left or right, both providing you with two options each. Sliding to the left lets you either delete the conversation or mute the sound and notifications from that specific conversation. Sliding to the right lets you reply or call that person. All four features are quite useful if you can get used to them.

Options: Admittedly, this is a broad feature, but YAATA offers so much to the user. The entire experience can be customized, from how big the chat heads are, to the color of the text bubbles in the conversations. The user has full control over the application and how they want it to function.


YAATA SMS is fantastic and I fully recommend it to anyone to use. It has been nothing but enjoyable using the app and learning more about it and perusing through the settings to see if there is anyway to make my experience better. The app also has a couple pro features such as auto-forwarder, auto response and wallpaper customization (I imagine for conversations). I will definitely be donating to the development in order to get those features.  Download the application here from the Google Play Store!

Edited by Lauren Fabrizio

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