1byone Door Stopper Alarm Review

This product was sent to me as a review unit for my non-bias opinion from 1byone.

At first glance, the 1byone Door Stopper alarm system looks like any other door stopper you could make out of wood. It isn’t a fancy door stopper shaped like a bird or fish, but the fact that it acts as an alarm system sure makes up for it! 



The stopper is made out of plastic for the most part minus the metal pressure plate. There’s are some pieces of rubber on the bottom of the door stopper in order to prevent it from sliding around on the carpet. As you can see from the image below, the stopper is wedged under the doorway. The back of the stopper has an on-off switch that is used to turn on the alarm function. Once triggered, the stopper will emit a 90 decibel sound for six seconds, which is surely loud and long enough to wake you up if you’re asleep.

Door Stopper in use!


There are two changes that I would like to see if another version of the door stopper is made. The first is that the rubber on the bottom should be improved so that it can also grab to carpets easier. It adheres quite well to tile and wooden floors though. The second change is to the metal pressure plate. It’s really flimsy, but it stays on the stopper so I have no complaints.

You can buy the 1byone Door Stopper Alarm System here on Amazon!

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