Wansview’s HD Wireless Camera: Compact and Easy to Set Up

I’m used to setting up wireless cameras around the house, and they can sometimes be a pain to set up given that the applications they come with sometimes don’t work right. With Wansview’s app, I had this camera set up in less than 10 minutes, giving me access to the live HD feed and other customizable options like motion detection and automatic recording.

Wansview Camera Box

This camera advertises itself as having 1080p HD streaming and easy setup, both of which are features that have proven themselves to be true. It is nicely packaged inside a box with an easy lift-off top, similar to the kind of box you get when you buy an iPhone. Neatly displayed are the manual and CD, with the camera attached to its stand lying beneath it. Also included are a CAT 5E ethernet cable, power adapter, and wall mount screws.

Setting Up the Wansview Camera

To my surprise, the included instructions were simple and easy, with multiple ways to set up the camera. Since my model had an included microphone, I tried out the Wi-Fi configuration method through the Wansview iOS app, which only needs the user to enter in an SSID and password for the router. The device then sends the credentials straight to the camera receiving them as translated beeps from your smartphone’s speaker. The only downside to this is that your password cannot have any ‘&’ or ‘-‘ characters in it due to the way that the password is parsed in the application, which isn’t too much of an issue because I could simply change the password on my router.

Wansview Application

The only other thing I had to remember to do was extend the little piece that looks like a microphone, which actually contains the device’s humidity and temperature sensors. Prior to doing so, I was getting bad readings at first since the camera gets a little toasty which made it appear that the room was hotter than usual.

Some of the camera’s features

After a minute or two, the camera will connect to the wireless router and you will be able to view it right from your smartphone inside the Wansview application. Tapping the play button will allow you to view the live stream, while tapping the arrow in the right will bring you to all of the camera’s settings which can allow you to set up FTP uploading, SD card settings, and Alarm features that will trigger certain actions such as taking photos or recording videos. The ability to schedule certain times or days to record is especially nice if you know that you will be gone during certain days, or simply if you need the house watched or have a sleeping baby you may be worried about.

In the items description it said that the camera came with a speaker and microphone, so I was curious as to how this would work. Interestingly, you have the ability to speak through the camera’s speaker by using your smartphone’s microphone. It is a bit quiet, but if you are using it as a baby monitor you will not disturb the child. Likewise, it can be used to speak to your pets while you’re away from home. In addition, it can be used for your front door to speak to any visitors before opening it. Given that many other wireless cameras I’ve used did not have this feature, I enjoy the ability to use it if needed.

Wansview Live View Settings
Press “Hold Talk” to speak through the camera’s speaker

Performance, and some sample photos

I’ll start by saying this camera doesn’t really feel cheap in any way, as it’s made of some sort of high grade plastic and has some weight to it when you pick it up. Don’t worry that it’s not made of metal, this thing could surely take a fall even from ceiling height. The stand is even removable in case you’d like to mount it in a place that the stand might be in the way of, such as to the side of a crib or even a tight space.

I did not have a microSD card to test out the save functions on the camera, but there were definitely a lot of features to play around with if you’d like to have your data saved to it, such as how long of a video you would like to be recorded and which days you would like to record using the Alarm feature.

480p Screenshot
480p Screenshot
1080p Screenshot
1080p Screenshot

The time and date are located at the top right, and the temperature / humidity sensor readings are on the top left which definitely show accurate readings as my thermostat is set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can tell from the screenshots above, the 1080p resolution is a much higher quality than 480p, which makes this resolution ideal for taking still images. When you record in 1080p, however, the framerate is only around 5 frames per second versus the 15 FPS you get when recording in 480p. It would be best to turn on the high resolution for bigger rooms where you might need to zoom, and leave on the lower resolution for smaller rooms so that you can still distinguish faces and capture still photos if you need to.

480p Camera Test

1080p Camera Test

1080p Camera Test (Infrared)

You can tell from the samples that the 1080p videos are very clear, even with the infrared camera enabled, with the 480p sample being smoother but lower resolution. Since my camera is set up close I prefer to leave on the lower resolution, especially with my hamster’s quick movements that are harder to see at a lower frame rate. I had briefly tested the camera in a larger room, and the infrared had no problem reaching the rest of the room so you could see even the dark corners where a pet could be hiding.

Is this camera worth buying?

Yes. Overall, the camera’s image and build quality is fantastic and welcomed for simple indoor usage, whether it is for security purposes or to watch over a pet while you’re away. There are a ton of settings to mess around with so you can get the camera set up exactly the way you want it, allowing for the ability of useful features such as motion detection and the ability to save to an SD card. The Wansview application made it very easy to set up this camera. People that aren’t great with technology should have no trouble at all either. The low frame rate on the high resolution is a bit low, but the video quality makes up for the fact. Alternatively, you can still run at 480p with a good frame rate and decent video quality. I’d recommend this product to anybody seeking to purchase a good indoor camera for a low price.

You can purchase this product through Amazon here for $69.99.

Want to see more? Here’s a gallery of images not shown in this review.

Edited by Lauren Fabrizio

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