New York Times blocking AdBlock? Here’s a quick fix!

New York Times has recently announced that they will be blocking users that attempt to use any sort of ad blocking plugins. Most people don’t care and will quickly get their information from other places, which will ultimately cause their plan to backfire. If you happen to be one of the users that wants to continue blocking their ads, here’s a way for you to both use their site AND block ads.

Before you begin, I would advise switching from AdBlock or AdBlock Plus to a better ad blocking plugin called uBlock Origin for Chrome (Firefox Link). Both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus actually implement tracking behaviors like normal advertisements would, but uBlock Origin is made independently and does not do any such behavior.

Next, you’ll want to download something called Tampermonkey, or Greasemonkey for Firefox users, which allows you to run custom scripts on certain webpages. In our case, the script will be Anti AdBlock Killer.

First, navigate to your Chrome Extensions and ensure that your old AdBlock installation is removed, and then continue by installing uBlock Origin.

Chrome Extensions

Next, you will want to install Tampermonkey. You will not have to configure anything directly within Tampermonkey, but it may prompt you after installing the script.

Finally, download Anti AdBlock Killer via GreasyFork. It will automatically update itself like a Chrome or Firefox plugin would, and this script will hide the running ad blocker that you have installed in your browser. Sites like New York Times and other various media streaming sites that nag you to remove your ad blocker will no longer block you from their page. Sometimes it may require a page refresh, but otherwise you’re in business!  🙂

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