Disable Windows 10 Update in 60 Seconds

Windows 10 has become notoriously well-known for its attempts to sneak itself past its user on older versions of the Windows OS in the form of Windows Updates, so much so that it has become a widespread joke among social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. Here’s how you can disable in in 60 seconds or less using one of these easy, safe utilities.

Some users of Windows have found their Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 computers to be updated overnight without them ever having had knowledge of it being done. Microsoft has employed dirty tricks such as closing the nagging dialog box as an invitation to install the Windows 10 upgrade. After Microsoft’s persistent attempts of getting people to upgrade their computers, you can finally stop a Windows upgrade using your choice of Never10 or GWX Control Panel.


Never10 Screenshot

Using Never10, you can easily switch on/off the ability for your current Windows OS to update itself to Windows 10, which will also remove the update files from your computer if they are present. It is as simple as pressing the button on the bottom of the program and then exiting it. Although, there have been reports that Microsoft has sent out updates in an attempt to disable Never10’s functionality.

GWX Control Panel

GWX Control Panel

Similarly to Never10, GWX Control Panel will disable Windows 10 from upgrading, but in addition allows you to manually choose what you would like it to do. This includes the ability to delete the Windows 10 pre-installed metro programs, as well as manually delete the Windows 10 update if it has been downloaded. You can also disable the nagging Windows 10 upgrade box along with Windows’s ability to automatically update itself. Never10 does all of this for you automatically with one button click, but GWX Control Panel gives you options should you only want to disable your OS’s ability to carry out certain functions.

These tools will give you control over the features that would otherwise be out of the user’s hands, as Microsoft is currently making continuted attempts to force upgrade their users to Windows 10 to drive up the market share in their newly-created operating system. It is in their best interest to sell applications to users through their Windows Store as much of their profit no longer comes from selling the operating system itself, as previous operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and 7, and even earlier operating systems had been.

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