Weather Timeline Android App Review

Weather applications are really hit or miss. Some people just want the immediate weather, while others want to know the humidity for their hair or chance of rain. Some make the user go through five screens to figure out what the weather is, and some are just downright ugly. Weather Timeline offers everything for the user, making figuring out the weather a chore of the past.

Ooooo, ahhhhh!

Design wise, the app is gorgeous. It is based on the Material Design guidelines and it works very well for this app. The FAB Button for the app lets you add more locations so that you can view multiple locations at a quick glance. Upon clicking on a zipcode or location on the first menu, you’ll be greeted with statistics for the rain, wind, and when the sunrise as well as the humidity, air pressure and visibility. Upon scrolling down on this screen, the temperature and what it actually feels like is viewable for each following hour up to 24 hours. This has personally saved me in a lot of occasions when I need to know the weather for the rest of the day and if I’ll need an umbrella.


Moon Viewer, Radar, TIME MACHINE?!

Some of the things that set this app apart form the competition are: Moon Viewer, Radar, and Time Machine. Moon Viewer is a niche feature in which, you guessed it, you can see the phase of the moon. Radar is what you generally encounter in news broadcasts when they show the entire state or multiple states and show the ‘warm front’ or storm clouds coming in from the south or east. Again, this is a pretty niche feature, but it’s nice to have for those that want it. The last feature, Time Machine, is the game changer in my opinion. You can select a day in the past and look at the weather, BUT, you can also look into the future and it will generate the weather as best as it can. I don’t know the logistics for this in terms of the weather in a year or even next month, but this could come in handy for those events you’re going to plan two weeks from now on that potentially unbearably hot Saturday.

2016-05-26 07.37.56


The settings menu for the app is also quite in depth and provides a lot of options for the user to select. From adjusting temperature units to notification control and even Android Wear options, Weather Timeline gives control to the user when it comes to the weather. You can really make the app your own. It is definitely worth the 99 cents to use the app. It’s very easy to navigate and lets you access as much information as you need. You can buy the app here!

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