Use ShareX and Dropbox to create a powerful screenshot tool

Taking screenshots on my computer happens quite frequently, especially if I’m sending them to friends troubleshooting program code or issues with their computers. was a great service for this before official support, but they have since limited the amount of screenshots you can upload to their servers. Dropbox has also offered a built-in screenshot utility, but it lacks many features that are important to me such as the ability to change hotkeys. Thankfully I’ve found a way to easily share my screenshots with Dropbox, but also customize my screenshotting experience using a nifty, open-source tool called ShareX.

When I’m working on my computer, I like to anticipate my next set of actions to keep a flow in my work space. ShareX has a seemingly endless supply of features that let you do exactly what you tell it to do, and some features that you may not even know about until you realize that you want to use them.

To set ShareX up with Dropbox is quite simple, but slightly confusing due to the functionality of the menus. Start by locating StartX in your taskbar and right-clicking it, then navigate to

“Destinations” > “Destination settings…”

You will quickly be greeted by this window where you will be guided to authorize ShareX access to your Dropbox API, allowing the program to upload the pictures to your ‘Public’ directory so that they may be shared with others.


Once you’ve completed the steps to activate your account, we have to actually tell ShareX that we want to use Dropbox as the upload service for your screenshots. You can do this by navigating back to the “Destinations” menu as before, but instead you must mouse over

“Image Uploader: SomeService” > “File Uploader” > “Dropbox”



You should make sure that your “File Upload” service in the “Destinations” menu is also set to Dropbox. One last step and we’ll be set, we need to set up the actions that are taken by ShareX “After Capture” and “After Upload”. Head into those menus, and select the options checked off as you see them in the images below.




You’re finally done! But how do you take screenshots, you ask? Mousing over “Workflows” will give you the current hotkeys set for the given actions, which can be customized under “Hotkey settings…”, it’s easy as pie so I won’t go over this part as you should be able to figure it out on your own. I hope this guide was helpful for you!

In case you missed it, you can download ShareX at the link below.


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