eLooke’s ohSnap Pro: A Simple and Wireless Selfie-Stick

You’ve almost definitely heard of the selfie stick before, popping up all over the media, even finding public group photo pictures on Facebook and other social networking websites. eLooke has managed to change the game by re-introducing it as a wireless, Bluetooth connectable device.

eLooke ohSnap Pro
Closed and flipped

The eLooke ohSnap Pro comes in a pretty basic box, and can be seen from the outside of the packaging. It includes a Micro-USB cable which is used to charge the selfie-stick, as well as a strap that can be tied around the bottom of the stick for if you would like to carry it around while it’s closed. The device only takes about an hour to fully charge, which was nice since I was able to plug it in and almost immediately start using it. Many selfie-sticks use a mechanism to press the volume button on the phone mounted to it. Although, the ohSnap Pro uses Bluetooth connectivity in order to wirelessly and efficiently by simulating the ‘Volume Up’ button on your mobile device, allowing you take a photo while the product is in use.

iPhone 6 with eLooke ohSnap Pro
iPhone 6 with eLooke’s ohSnap Pro

One of the first things I noticed when using this selfie-stick was its design, which neatly folds up when not in use. The part of the unit that holds your phone is designed to arch around hand grip used to hold the stick from, making it easy to carry around with you. Extending the selfie stick out to take the photo is also quite easy and it has a solid 2 ½ feet range minus the handle. Thankfully there are no confusing attachments needed in order to mount your device to the phone, and it plays nice with cases since the spring-based clasp secures the phone down easily. It had no problem holding my iPhone 6 with an added battery case, which adds some good weight to the end of the stick, but does not bend it or interrupt its integrity.

iPhone 6 Mounted to ohSnap Pro
iPhone 6 Mounted to ohSnap Pro

Connecting eLooke’s stick to my phone was as easy as most Bluetooth devices, and only required a simple press and hold of the ‘Shutter’ button on eLooke’s selfie stick, which quickly enabled discovery mode and can be found in your phone’s Bluetooth menu. Simply tap on the newly discovered device and let it finish pairing, which will allow you to use it immediately in any of the installed camera applications on your phone. The product we got our hands on was a review unit, but considering the thing only costs $5 I would consider it well worth its price. This would easily make a great gift for somebody that loves to share their moments over social media, or maybe somebody going on a trip somewhere across the globe.

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