1byone Universal Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount

1byone Mount Front

One way or another, you’re going to be using your phone in your car, it’s just a given. Whether we need music or navigation, our phone should be clearly visible and accessible by the driver to avoid incident, and this mount can help with that. The Universal Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount by 1byone solves this issue with its small form factor, making use of magnetism for a super easy way to mount your phone inside your car.

The 1byone Magnetic Car Mount is fairly straightforward. It comes with the magnetic mount, and two mounting plates used to hold your phone up onto the magnet. One of these plates can be stuck to a device with the adhesive plate, while the other plate can be slipped under a case that is on your phone. Personally I find the non-adhesive one to be the better choice since it won’t stick out or leave gummy adhesive on your phone, but if you have something such as a GPS it could be a great tool.

1byone Car Mount and Plates

To get the mount set up in the car, line up the prongs on the back with the vent that you want to stick it on, and push it into the vent for a nice snug fit. Then, take your device and place
it over the magnet. That’s all! Although, one complaint that I do have is the inability to tilt or maneuver the mount while it is attached to the vent, since some cars have curved dashboards which would make the phone very hard or impossible to read. Thankfully, most cars have 1byone Magnet Mount Clampthe dashboards facing you so that this will not be an issue.


Overall, for $11 it’s really not a bad purchase and is great for the kind of person that doesn’t want buy a suction mount, which may leave behind marks on their dashboard. Since it’s so easily attached to the vents, you can simply pop it on and off whenever you please and then store it away in your car for later. It takes up no space in the car, and the metal plate beneath your case is always ready to hold your phone up when need be.

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