1byone RGB LED Stage Light

This 1byone RGB LED Stage Light from 1byone was sent as a review unit

Although Halloween has just finished, Christmas is around the corner, and what better way to bring in the next set of holidays than with the 1byone RGB LED Stage Light. With 86 LEDs within this stage light, you are sure to have a holiday season you will not forget.

Here is an example of the standard RGB along with it off.

The stage light itself is actually quite small in comparison to the photos of it, It just about fit onto my windowsill. There are a couple things to note about this light out of the box. The first thing you should note is that the LED lamp gets its color settings from the dip switches on the back of product. Although I do not own the remote, I recommend it just to make your life a lot easier in switching colors and combinations. There are 10 dip switches, and turning certain ones on create certain combinations of colors and oscillation when it comes to making the lights flash. The next thing to note is that the light has XLR in XLR out. Although this light is not a speaker, it does allow voice control so that the lights will flash as it reacts to sound.

2015-10-28 15.57.03
The entire back panel in all of its glory.

The light in itself is super bright and the colors are solid. I feel that the company did not cheap out on the LED’s and that they are of a good quality. The light was able to illuminate the entire room with no problem, and it didn’t emit any heat at all which was great to find out. Color combinations were also fun since it really makes for some neat results if you use more green than blue in certain color schemes.

2015-10-28 15.48.58
Kind of Blue.

As with everything, there are a couple flaws with this product. The first is that the cable for the LED light is entirely too short. The cable is maybe 2 feet or 3 feet long, making it impossible to let the light fixture suspend in a couple without a long extension cord. The second issue is that the dip switches are really small and seemingly fragile. I get very anxious adjusting the dip switches also cause they are hard to grip in addition to being really small and packed together. If the entire panel where the dip switches are was bigger, than I would feel a lot better about using the product. I also wish this device had a ground pin so that it would be safe to use without having to worry about a power surge. Lastly, I have no clue what the FUSE knob is for, and at this point, I am too scared to find out, although I imagine it should only be used in case of emergencies.

2015-10-28 15.57.28
These switches are SO small….

IT does have it’s shortcomings, but the product does work as intended.. If the product got a longer cord at the very least, I can guarantee I would use it a lot more in comparison to now. Having a longer cord would just give the user more options in terms of placing it. I recommend this product and can’t wait to use it during the holiday season.

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