1byone Car Mount Holder

This Universal Windshield Dashboard Powerful Magnetic Car Mount Holder was sent to us by as a review unit from 1byone.

In our modern day and age we use smartphones for everything like watching videos, getting in contact with loved ones or getting directions. Finding a way to get to our friends’ house or the new restaurant 20 minutes away is a common thing for us to use our smartphones for. When you’re out and about in your car, you would be remiss if you did not have this 1byone Magnetic Car Mount Holder.

2015-10-28 15.33.12
Small footprint for less clutter


This car mount stand works differently than most other conventional mount stand. A conventional mount stand will have a suction cup on the bottom of it that grabs the surface of the surface, and a claw arm of sorts that grabs the phone once the claw arm is manually opened wide enough. This stand differs from the norm because it utilizes magnets. There are two magnets provided, one that has an adhesive end, and the other a flat rectangular piece, both extremely thin and barely noticeable on the phone. The adhesive one can stick immediately onto your phone and then stick to the magnetic end of the stand. The flatter piece can be placed in between the phone and your phone case of choice. In doing this, there is no need for the adhesive plate to ruin the integrity of the case or your phone.

2015-10-28 15.25.13

The build of the stand is quite nice and I have had no issues with it during my using the product. I was able to move the stand many times from my car dashboard to my desk to my kitchen countertop. The stand adhered to the bottom surface each time thanks to the suction cup bottom. It also has the ability to swivel 360 degrees which can be useful if needed. The magnetic grabber on the mount, which a rubberized circle that has a magnet inside of it. I’ve noticed that the magnet is strong enough to hold the phone up, but not strong enough to do any damage to the phone’s memory from what I can see. What I really like about the stand is how minimal it is. It does not take up a lot of space on a car dashboard, and it does not have a bunch of excessive features (I don’t even know what other features you COULD add to this)

2015-10-28 15.54.48
I use the adhesive circle plate inside my wallet so that I can use this as a wallet stand.

There are two small downsides though. The first focuses on the rectangular plate. I find that is bends really easily and although it will be wedged in between your phone and your case, I am still a little wary of it. The second is how the magnet reacts with phones with metal backs. I have an HTC ONE M8 and I find that when I put my phone on the magnet stand (both with the adhesive circle or the rectangular plate in between the case and my phone), it puts my phone in the same state as turning on extreme battery saver. Everything becomes 8-bit-esque and strange. The moment I take the phone of the stand though, it goes back to a normal state. I do not know if this does any permanent damage to the phone, and will therefore, not recommend it if you have an HTC phone. I cannot check if this issue exists with other phones with a metal back, so buyer beware.

Overall, I’d say this product is solid as long as you don’t have a phone with a metal back. It has a really small footprint in terms of size so it won’t take up a large portion of your dashboard. It’s form of adhesion is easy enough to understand and use, making for a quick setup. Check it out on their website, along with many more of their other products.

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