Plantronics Gamecom 780 – The Gaming Headset For The Serious Gamer


In the world of gaming, communication is a must. How else are you going to tell your team that you got shot in Counter Strike and that the bomb is planted at B, or that you popped the ball up for a setup in Rocket League? I found that my laptop microphone would not cut it anymore when I had to play multiplayer games online where communication was needed. Because of this, I began my research into gaming headsets. The things I looked for in the headset were comfort, 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, over the ear headset with stereo speakers, a mute button, and lastly, USB. I am aware that there are adapters that connect the two audio output cables into a USB device that converts it, similar to that the Logitech G430 offers, but I wanted strictly USB so that everything could be in line.

I looked at headsets from Logitech (obviously), Kingston, Turtle Beaches, ASTRO, Razer, a million 3rd Party companies, and of course, Plantronics. I had a budget of 70 bucks (with no leeway above $70), so I sadly had to knock off Razer, Kingston, and ASTRO from the list. After some more sifting and removals, I was left with Logitech and Plantronics, specifically the G35’s and the Gamecom 780. After some YouTube videos and blog posts, I decided on the Plantronics Gamecom 780.


Packaging and Features

Nothing fancy about the packaging here to be honest. You simply unbox it and are greeted with the headphones in plastic casing as well as the CD to install the accompanying software. There is a small leaflet as well regarding the get started guide, but otherwise, there isn’t much to speak of. The Gamecom comes with Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound as well as a noise cancelling microphone. The microphone piece has little dots in line which all help cancelling out the excess noise and making sure your voice is clear and loud. The left speaker cup has controls on it, a volume wheel to control volume, a button that turns off the surround sound, and a mute button. The headset is quite comfortable with padded ear cushions and the USB cable is not only long, but durable as well.


Build Quality

I will start with the ear cups themselves. They are quite plushy and comfortable. I have never been in pain wearing them and Plantronics offers replacement cushion pads if they get dirty. You can see the speaker grill inside the cushion pads, but in the 2 years that I have use them, I see little to no dirt on them, I guess the cushion pads grab the dirt. The quality of the speaker incasing is decent, it is a strong piece of plastic. The headband is also immensely comfortable to have on and the speaker cups firmly connect to the headband through a strong metal fixture. The cups do swivel as intended, but it feels durable and doesn’t feel as if the headphones are going to break off. One thing to note though is that the cable that connects the speakers to the USB and each other is slightly exposed for each headphone. I have yet to tear it or even harm it, but I do imagine it can be a concern for some people. The buttons and switches on the headphone feel of a good quality, but I do wish that the volume was better controlled, perhaps a volume knob or a more subtle switch, just a better way to control the levels of the headphone. The USB is also pretty good in quality, but it does get knotted up every now and then. Lastly, the headphones aren’t that heavy at all to be honest, they are a comfortable weight and they cover my full ear without hurting or irritating it.

2015-09-23 04.39.31

There are one or two downsides to me with regards to this headset, the first being that it does get hot under the headphones after extended use. I never really notice how long I wear headphones, but I do find that it does get a little sweaty behind my ears. It is easy to clean, but I do find it to be slightly irritating. The second flaw bothers me a lot more and that is how difficult it is to clean the headphones. The cushion cups attract a lot of dust and objects that are a pain in the butt to clean. I actually use scotch tape and stick it on the headphones for a brief amount of time and then take it off in order to clean it, but even that doesn’t solve my issue with keeping it clean. I do find that to be a glaring flaw since I like to keep my stuff clean. A less than noticeable flaw is the fact that there is no case I can buy for this headset from Plantronics. I like to take my headphones with me from college to my house and vice versa, and I have resorted to an Astro case for $12 bucks off of Amazon to transport them safely. There is a copious amounts of space in the case for the Plantronics and they comfortably fit.

2015-09-23 04.39.55

Overall, this headset is great for Skype calls, gaming, and voice chats as a whole. I love the headset, and my only gripe with it is that it is cheaper now ($50) on Amazon than it was when I bought it two years ago for $20 more.


You can find a link to buy the Plantronics new from Amazon here

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