1byone Portable Tablet and Phone Stand

The 1byone Multi-angle Portable Stand was sent to be as a product review by 1byone so I will be as honest as possible for the sake of the validity of the review. Prior to even hearing from the company, I had been interested in a phone/tablet stand for my Winbook 802 Windows Tablet. The case I have for it has a kickstand, but I sort of wanted something more portable and easier to take around with me. Plus, I felt the case is limiting in terms of the kick stand, but it came with a Bluetooth keyboard which I wanted so I was willing to forgo the less then desirable angles.

When I received the 1byone Multi-angle Portable Stand I was really surprised about the size of the stand, it’s really small. At first, I thought I was being hustled since the other stands I saw by other firms such as Anker, seemed a bit larger. The packaging was clean sleeve and then a cardboard box, followed by the stand itself inside of a Ziploc bag. As I lifted it out, I first noticed how heavy the stand was. It seemed like a solid pound.


There was no paperwork to speak of besides the stand, so I began to fiddle around with it since it is marketed as a foldable stand. Once I got the stand swiveling about, I really got to test out how the stand worked in its unfolded position. It worked well, but hardly optimal. Once I swiveled it and placed it on my desk, I found out the entire bottom end of the stand is rubber. This makes it grip the ground much more securely, and makes me feel much more comfortable about using this as a tablet and phone stand

Standard Wall Adapter in front of the stand

I placed my Winbook on there, which has no case to speak of, in the horizontal position and it worked great. There were no issues and it stood tall, proud, and most importantly, secure. I left it like that for a little bit and then I rotated it to the horizontal position so that I could test it like that as well. Just as expected, it worked fantastically.

Solid stand for my tablet
Sits flush in the stand

I also tested this with my HTC ONE M8 that has an Otterbox Commuter Case on it and it also fits fine. I was a little skeptical about it fitting since the case is on it and it adds to the size of the overall phone, but it stands well both vertically and horizontally. At the price point of a little over $10, this tablet stand works great. The fact that it has a full rubber bottom reassures me of its stability, unlike other products that come with rubber feet that fall off over heavy use. Plus, this product is small. You can easily toss this into your bag along with a small Bluetooth keyboard, and your tablet and use it all as a mini workstation. I would fully recommend this product to anyone who wants an efficient tablet stand that is at a great price! Here are two photos of the HTC ONE M8 on the stand.

The Swivel is pretty near and is continuously supports the phone


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