The iWatch Is a No Show at WWDC, But Are You Really Surprised?

At Apple’s WWDC conference in Cupertino, California, Apple has released two new iPhone’s, being the iPhone 5S and 5C. The 5S sports a fancy new 64-bit processor, camera and fingerprint scanner, while the 5C is the iPhone 5 in disguise, bearing colorful new designs to choose from and starting at only $99. iOS 7 will also make an official release on the 18th. While that’s all cool and dandy, we didn’t see any rumored new products drop yet, what’s going on?

Apple has recently created innovative products such as the iPad and iPhone in the past few years. Although lately, we’ve been bombarded with some minor gimmicky software and hardware alterations. When you think about it, what has really changed from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5S? Hardware wise, not much has changed other than the body, screen, camera and processor. Apple hasn’t even bothered to move into the field of NFC (Near-Field Communications). We have surely moved forward since iOS 2, but even then, Apple Maps wasn’t exactly a revolutionary step forward in getting from point A to B.

With Apple lagging behind in the creation of new technology, they could soon be beat out by competitors such as Samsung, which has already created their own smartwatch. While I do feel that this watch isn’t very good, at least it’s a start to something bigger. Apple’s supposed television set is also yet to be seen, although it has been said it will arrive later in 2014.

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